Warning: for those with PD accounts, if your receive an email that looks like it came from PD telling you that PD moved or changed website and use your login information to revalidate your account, PLEASE DO NOT DO IT! Hackers are taking over a number of accounts. Take heed!


More hacking email on PD:

To all members when you receive an email something similar to this one, trash it and block the sender! Be careful out there, you are running your own business, hackers are targeting you. You may think this is good for you. Trust me, you lose more than you think.

@ronf technically phishing e-mails- casting a wide net to catch anyone gullible to click on that link. Once you enter in your PD credentials there then you are in trouble- account compromised

@Gongzero Unfortunately, a number of providers fell for it.☹😟😬 Also from the ones that I know had adv on other sites, their accounts there was also hacked as their ads changed as well as the phone changed, email, etc. This means they are using the same credentials for different accounts.

@VegasVixenSheila I miss you as well! Hopefully things improves now that Democrats are in control. Yay, more taxes.


Even though this post is old.

This is still very much going on..

Thanks for the post...and remember

@ronf Hi there
Was At Cosmopolitan Hotel..
great view strip Bellagio fountains tonight
Everything was lit up Green red blue
Black awareness month
All Lives Matter..
Home now

@ronf I would know, I got hacked. Thanks Ron your a genius . Huge help.. ❤️ 😘

@VegasVixenSheila Yas! That is the way to go! Dump these scammers to trash and hell. 👍👍👍

@ronf yes I get those fake emails too..
Have a really good password, change it often
All the security you can get right
Especially your useing real name
Bank and credit cards for ads..listings
You help alot with Info thank you

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