Uggh, really? What improvements? You try to search using Angeles, it returns one very old record. That use to return more than 20. Now you are forced to go the listing to search.🙄😑

Correction on the search impression: Now the search works much better, as it returns expected results plus more. The hash tags do have a summarized count of hits and clicking it, does give you a comprehensive listing. I forgot that the application needed to build the search index. As new posting comes in, the search returns better listing. You don't have to go to listing application to find SWs that may catch your attention. Although the listing search is more comprehensive.

The new update added new features and also broke a couple of things.

When you go edit your profile, it just displays your Edit profile screen. In order to get to the other sections of your account, click the three bars on the upper right corner of your browser.

There may be more adds...

1. Hash tag search are returning only one or two results.
2. On the Follow and followers section, for the "Following" and selecting order by last active do not sort display accordingly.

Looks like they reindex and some the ones I search for in the hash tags are returning results. Bad news though, there seems to be more fake accounts in return. Be careful people.

Switter members, with the reopening of the registration, we are noticing accounts that were proven as fake before have return back and brought back more with them. You can tell as they follow each other. Just because they boost you and follow you, check first before you follow and/or reboost them back. They are purposely boosting you to create the impression that their profile is legitimate because you boosted them back. Be careful as they here to steal information and clients money.


Switter members, highly appreciate the cooperative action taken by this community as scammer accounts being reported as fraudalent are being removed by A4 (although some are still here). Be vigilant & keep reporting & blocking.
Couple of tips:
They are new accounts created in this pandemic year of 2020 (although some dates back prior years).
They do not have Tryst accounts. Switter validates Tryst members (at least, not perfect as some gets thru but gets deleted later).

@ronf I have also noted that most of the fake profiles only follow 2-4 profiles, and they also can be easily spot by noticing they lack any real interactions in public ... which makes me believe is possible to write a bot to report them

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