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New FaceTime Session Rates for this month!

My goal is to have 3-5 Sessions Daily

Don’t message unless ready to pay💕

Subscribe to my if you need a little preview first!

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I love when people purchase things off of my wishlist😍

Buy something off my list for special custom photoset and try on video or me in the outfits you gift me 🥰

Subscribe to my OnlyFans, purchase content, or book me for a FaceTime session today💋💦


And check it too😘


A friendly reminder to always get the money first


Subscribe to my OnlyFans, purchase content, or book a FaceTime session with me babe💋💦


ApplePay, GooglePay, Amazon GC, Chime, GiftRocket, and OnlyFans Tips Accepted👻🧡

Don’t DM Unless Payment Ready💰💳

I need some new SW friends in Austin who wanna network and do fun stuff together occasionally 🤓

The weather is nice and cool today so I’ll be inside waiting for you to book a steamy FaceTime session with yours truly🔥💦

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