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I hate when I get asked what is my “menu” this is not a restaurant ok


Don’t ask me questions pertaining to your session , until you have paid your deposit . I won’t be your wank fodder


I am available now in Torrance, California, United States! To contact me, visit

Someone should come see me for a greek date I'm really in need of a nice pounding🍑👅💦

:chocolate_strawberry: :licking_lips: My name is Danielle aka "RealDeeMarie"
Visiting from Texas.
Standing at 4ft 11in tall with 38 DDs and a 47" Booty.
Location 📍 Inglewood, CA near
🌐 Http://
☎️ (737)230-3723
:twitter: @realdeemarie_

When he asks, “Where have you been all my life?” you know you’re doing things very, very right. 😏😏

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