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“You [dommes & slaves] are all delusional.”

Slaves believe I am a powerful deity.
I’m so powerful I feel like a deity.

I suppose we are!☝️BUT

1. Context.

2. Consider that not everyone with a paraphilic interest meets the criteria for a pathological disorder.

3. 🙇🏼‍♂️👉

🧠Erotic Hypnosis via Skype:
1 hr session $120

Top Selling Experiences:

🔥Slave Conditioning
🔥Stress Ejection
🔥Femdom Love Spell
🔥Escapist Mind Melt

Also extending cessation programs to naughty boys - ask


Making videos for me of your own accord is cute, Im sure.

But if I haven’t demanded it , nor received any incentive to watch it & offer my thoughts, why would I??

I get off on the power that comes from your WEAKNESS TO RESIST MY COMMANDS.

Not from feeding the exhibitionist.

My power is uncapped. I need not “graduate” to “goddess” in order to feel powerful.

Acceptable address:

Don’t call me:
❌Goddess, God, Allah, etc.
❌Her Majesty, HRH, etc.
❌Babe, BB, etc

If your fetish relates to Exhibitionism, Exposure or BM and I don’t know you, it’s inconvenient for me to:

❌take incriminating photos of you
❌record sessions
❌remotely access your PC
❌expose you for your perverted interests

If you’re also broke, I don’t want you. Shoo!

Townsville blokes are dumb as sin. Too much sun.🤦🏻‍♀️

It’s ok to put ”findom” off limits if you’re seeking a dominatrix service to fulfil desires determined by you. Your domme may even enjoy doing a service for you.

But it’s not a power exchange. Keep your expectations realistic.

Brand new to bdsm and/or camming? Welcome😊

If this is your very first online session, it’s important to understand that some realities of life, as sad as they may be, cannot be escaped or evaded.

Education for newbz seeking to interact with confident and assertive women Part 1

A word of warning on cash meets:

1. A cash deposit is payable prior to meeting. In my experience 99% Townsville blokes are deadbeat fucks so if you’re from this shithole, I’m distrustful of you just for that.

2. Large tattooed men. They work for me.

3. Never assume, retard.

This one wanted isolated predicament bondage. He’s in the next room. Hanging from the rafters by his feet. Blindfolded. Naked. Among other things.

How’s this for a predicament my pet?😁

(I got a cam on him. He’s fine)

♦️playtime ♠️isolatedbondage ♥️sensationplay ♣️scene 🔹RACK

I read:

“Hello Queen. This is how I introduce myself to girls on twitter. Will you allow me to feed from your energy today?”

First impressions count, don’t fuck it up thinking with your dick brain.

Vanilla newbs might find the prospect of paying to be objectified and used for my pleasure a bit backwards at first.

But that’s how this works. You agree to be my toy. You love every minute of it.

Objectification doesn’t necessarily extend to abuse. Don’t be boring.


What I read:

“Hi, we don’t know one another but you see, I have this insatiable hunger for attention from women who are superior to me. I get off on the mere fantasy of being rinsed and I know I can rely on Amazon to ensure my fantasy doesn’t become my reality once I cum.“


US$1000 in 3 hours.

10% luck
20% skill
15% concentrated power of will
5% pleasure
50% pain

100% reason to remember the name 💋

What a buzz! 🥰

⚡️power ⚡️findom ⚡️hypnodomme ⚡️mentaldomination

So the Americans are finally kicking up a stink and fighting back. Got it.

China was likening Australians to chewing gum stuck under a shoe at one point. Got it.

Why the conversation of racial hatred is STILL trending on femdom/findom twitter I don’t understand.


I would never do kidnap or abduction play...or this sh*t!

BBC News - Men hired for sexual fantasy break into wrong house

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