Humiliation/degradation fetishists can be cheap and annoying. I only play in times I can’t offer hi quality hypno.

But I no longer have screaming jets messing with my zen! I can accommodate hypno & mental domination again!🙌😍

Humiliation/Degradation fetishists: You’re fired!👉

Americans RE Election/Trump:

Get back in your box, chocolates! I won’t take your crap.

Try to:
treat me like some cheap vanilla whore
rush me
provoke a humiliating response
influence outcomes for your gain

You will be:
otherwise dead to me

Remember your place.

Again: no Paypal.

If you:
-want to be anonymous
-got a Mrs or gf who checks bank statements
-are otherwise married to your beloved Paypal

It’s real simple: buy bitcoin with PayPal.

Your wife, your life choices = your problem. I won’t absorb your inconveniences for you.

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