Faschism, capitalism, imperialism blah blah blah everywhere I look there it is.

No one important gives an actual fuck. Even if they did they are powerless. Yet y’all tear shreds off one another in the rat race to look “right”

Some of you cunts need a hobby. My two cents worth.

FYI foot fetishists:

I don’t have little dainty feet. I don’t have fat feet.

My size 9.5 surfboards are in proportion with the rest of me.

Ridiculously high heels raise my height to 6’3 & look ridiculous on me.

I’ll charge you $3/min regardless, so consider yourself warned.


Please be aware that meeting times scheduled in Skype are not set in stone until payment is received.

This means if someone else sends payment to secure that spot before you do, it’s theirs.

If you wish for me to commit to a scheduled time, pay ahead. It’s real simple.

I’m flat out today so don’t have time to capture screenshots, etc but a big thank you to my two very good boys who sent me silent gifts this morning.


It’s so funny when the aggrieved humiliation fetishist responds to rejection with insults like his opinion matters to me somehow 😆

Roland Theresa May!

You don’t answer me on Skype, you just dump money in my bank account and then drop off the face of the planet after two years like I wouldn’t notice you missing?! I fucking hate that.

I know you check my Twitter, Roland. I know your mind better than you do.

Language is a powerful thing.

So much can be learned about a man from his word selection alone.

Words can reflect attitude and character. Words can make or break a good thing.

Certain words, once spoken cannot be unsaid. Choose carefully, not everything can be “bought back.“

Chastity Slaves, 3 weeks until Locktober 🤩🔐

This beauty is app controlled, this means you’ll be locked and leaking until I release you, from Australia📱🌏

Not for the faint hearted. Not for big junk. With this device, fantasy becomes reality 🔒😍


Occasionally I’ll hear from a dominant male with a fetish for dominating dominant women. These daddy doms will pay in excess of $200 for the opportunity to dominate because they can’t get off unless they’re in control.

Regardless, I always give the same answer.

Victorian Australians in lockdown:

When life renders you powerless, servo trips need not be the highlight of your day.

Make that sense of powerlessness mean something.

Submit to Isla. Isla eats dictators for breakfast🖤

Hard Limits:
“Real” BM fetish
Racial humiliation
Religious humiliation.

Sometimes humiliation is necessary, if a slave is weak for it and it serves as a tool to manipulate him, for example.

But as I’m not insecure, humiliation without control just does nothing for me 🤷🏻‍♀️

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