I will be taking some time away from Skype to grieve for the loss of my mother. I value my subs for their patience and support through this difficult time <3

Shibari is tricky at the best of times.

But nothing will show you patience like trying to fashion a strap-on harness from rope while you’ve got acrylic nails.🤷‍♀️🥴

Good thing I won’t be relying on Shibari to keep my “dick” on 😂

♥️pegging ♠️strapon ♣️sissy ♦️ femdom findom

The transition from vanilla Jesus to slave Jesus wasn’t a smooth one, was much like trying to mesmerise a bull.

Still, better late than never. 😊

♥️control ♣️femdom ♦️findom ♠️♥️hypnodomme

He may not be receptive to certain suggestions right now..

..but 99 no’s and a yes is still a yes 😁

♠️pegging ♦️sissy ♣️femdom ♥️findom

A disgraced sissy agreed to get a bitcoin wallet months ago and then he boycotted. Several failed attempts at reverse psychology and $250 unblock fees later, he hasn’t folded yet.

But he will.
I’m in his head.
He’s stuck like shit to a blanket💩😁

control femdom findom

FYI I get busy so Spamming me with unsolicited nuisance calls just screams:

“I’m here cock-in-hand so I’m too horny to show respect for you right now. Hurry up and service me.”

(Also, if you’re in places like this looking for romance you will inevitably fail.)

Femdom findom

1. Femdom in exchange for marketing advice or retweets amounts to sugaring.

2. Femdom in exchange for Wishlist items = sugaring.

3. Femdom in exchange for anything that isn’t money = sugaring.

4. Expecting femdom in return for anything isn’t service. It’s sugaring!


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