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✈WASHINGTON & Oregon State✈
Coming soon...👍♥️
downtown 12-13
area 13-15
casino area 15-17
downtown 17-20
Mature Cougar, Boston Born Sarcastic, Outgoing, Gambler, Bass Fisherman, Travel Seeker, Foodie so much more..

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Feeling Naughty like I need to be spanked!
I promise I will be a good girl for you Sir!

Incall/Outcall in SW Ft. Worth or Burleson Available


No Newbies! Must have references!

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Sorry, what?? (and the website is down) "Through a partnership between the FBI and the
, you can now submit your fingerprints electronically for an identity history summary check (IdHSC) while you buy stamps or mail packages. Learn more about IdHSC and find participating post offices at"

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i'm back from arizona w/ all the magic of the vortexes in my fingers! 🌪️ 💦

my name's anna. i'm a model, writer, and art student from the midwest! i'm 5'8" & 123lb w/ perky 32Bs & a perfect bubble butt 🍑 🙏

let me charm you as you treat yourself to an unforgettable, orgasmic sensual massage 💆‍♂️

i'll be in chelsea until 6pm today! call/text 929-407-1031 or email 💕

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Powerful long lasting sex...
The kind that puts a smile on her face😊

That leaves you stronger and energized vs depleted & spent.

That satisfaction of a job well done. Combine this with the love of a woman. Laughter. Playfulness. These are experiences you get to live-

Only if you take action.

Only if you step out of your comfort zone.

Learn this new way of living-

It takes you to pleasure beyond what you can imagine.

Love 💚
Love Coach
Intimacy Expert

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So awesome to be able to help my clients transform their relationships and sexual stamina!

Diet, exercise only take you so far.

Ready to step into this new decade with powerful stamina, sexy play and loving playful touch and affection? (Yes, you can have it all!)

Longing to light things up by the fireside this winter?

Contact me here!

It's only gets better from here.

Love 💚
Love Coach
Holistic Professional
Intimacy Expert

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I'm DianneRN Holistic Professional & Love Coach Empowering Business Owners & Professional Men to DeStress ReEnergize Restore Love & Intimacy into their Lives


I work online & in person with men .
Let's get you back on track!

Location: Ohio
Contact: 330-776-8144

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A key to lovemaking & intimacy.

It's counterintuitive.

You must have this for yourself first before anyone else does.

Women react when they have respect for you.

In many long term relationships women have lost respect for their men.

The sex stops.

Men wonder why?

Women won't have sex with someone they don't respect.


It becomes a sex/respect/bargaining issue & trap where no one wins.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Solve this & Happiness begins.


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Come see me for a relaxing cuddle & massage session at my private home in Joppa, MD💋♥️😈 $200/hr $300/90 min $400/2 hrs

I also have naughty pics & video Pkgs available $100-$600 via Zelle or Googlepay ( Zelle preferred) also prepaid via gift card/amazon gift card

Buy a $400-$600 Pkg and get a free 1-2 hr cuddle & massage session. 😲😈

Text 410-705-5225 mention your switter or kinky elephant profile name & which u are looking for (session &or Pkg)

I look forward to meeting you!!😈♥️💋

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Hello Northern Virginia and the DMV!!

See ad and photo on:

www.Xlamma.ME -
Washington, DC section

www.Amnesia24.NET -
Northern Virginia section -
Northern Virginia section

www.Crockor.NZ -
All Virginia sections

www.VerifiedPink.CA -
Herndon, Virginia section -
Friend Me on Indys!
Northern Virginia section

Follow me on Twitter

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I am the lusty craving of your heterosexual masculine throbbing cock dreams👅🍆💦 I am TRAVELING Dec 23 it could be to your town!

If you're East of the Mississippi and want my lips wrapped around your shaft, your head pressed into my stomach as my big eyes stare up at you like a begging for more, DM me.

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Playing at an near you


Screening gets you in the door...and more


Videos on my Twitter @lisacharms

Available now in Sioux Falls

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