I know if I get in trouble for screaming too loud we will transition right back to streaming FFVII lol

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I wanna know what @_PriscillaReiss@twitter.com knows about Resident Evil 🤔

Especially because I sometimes get messages on my OF where people are weirdly mean after they’ve subscribed to me. I purposefully don’t respond because I just assume they want me to be rude back so they can jerk off to it... nah bro you better pay up! Lol

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I am in no way saying not to post those things!! I obviously sometimes post them, too lol - especially when I can flip that into self promo! I am literally just wondering.

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Kyrie Irving has been fined $50K for breaking health and safety protocols when he attended a private indoor party last weekend.

He will also forfeit salary for any missed games during the quarantine period and can return to the team Saturday if he continues to test negative.

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🚑 OnlyFans Moderation Advice Thread 🚑

With examples of mod emails, TOS issues, and advice on how to deal with mods.

It seems there is an uptick in platform enforcement so I'm gonna pin this thread & you can consider it a reminder to refresh yourself on the terms!

Stay safe! twitter.com/AshleyLatke/status

I wonder how many of the demeaning texts/emails/messages I see people receiving and posting are sent by people who enjoy seeing that sort of reaction.

I have no doubt some people really just like knowing they’ve captured your attention by making you feel bad.


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@_PriscillaReiss@twitter.com Loved your live IG last night

I should’ve started streaming as soon as I got my PS5 so I could take a deduction on it 😑 missed opportunity there

Just read in this thread that we (Washington Wizards) were denied this last season for the outrageously expensive John Wall 😭😭😭😭

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The Golden State Warriors have applied for the Disabled Player Exception worth $9.3M due to the season-ending loss of Klay Thompson, sources tell @TheAthleticNBA@twitter.com @Stadium@twitter.com.

Tomorrow I have to do another simulated sprint since I can’t do it Monday because I will be traveling again.... to Idaho lol 😂😂😭

All the assignments I didn’t do the past 3 days, I did today. 😑😑😑 Come help me relieve the tension on OnlyFans! LOL

I’m trying to gauge how crowded the grocery store is going to be tomorrow. Might suck it up and go today lol

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What is everyone planning to do for Thanksgiving?

I never got the hang of TikTok but I’m going to try to make a reel tonight. Of what, idk lol

This week’s Trader Joe’s run will be the last of its kind for me. I’ll post my new pickups on my IG

Remember you have to log the past 7 years on the SF-86 🤣🤣🤣 don’t let tonight be the night you get caught up!

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