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We look forward to our community continuing to grow in 2019 and for all your support and patience as we create the best and safest platform for screened and verified companions and clients. xo PrivateDelights

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Dearest Providers,

Hashtag with a link to your PrivateDelights ad and we will retweet your tweets for added exposure!

xo PrivateDelights

Clients: What are your favorite features of PrivateDelights?

We have newly launched in six cities in Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton. If this takes off then we'll expand to all cities in Canada.

PROVIDERS: If you tag us in a post, ONLY tag our ad platform if you want to get retweeted.

Providers: Do not tweet us about getting verified. At this point, we're just slow af. Sorry!

Most Compatible Browser with : Google's Chrome browser in incognito mode...with a VPN. :)

We are thrilled with the diversity of providers and clients that use the site. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it on .

We had a massive traffic spike and it knocked the site offline for about 20 hours. We spent the last several days building a failsafe to prevent that from happening in the future. Apologies for any inconvenience this caused!

Sending multiple emails or tweeting at us does not mean that your profile or review will get posted or verified faster- we are working as fast as we can, promise!

Providers: Please be patient when getting verified. We are doing our best to keep up with new sign ups due to overwhelming demand. Please email us your concerns versus Tweeting or Swittering at us. xo

Our offshore and secure servers keep crashing from all the traffic so we are working around the clock on keeping the site up and admit that we are currently very slow with new provider verifications, screening reviews, and responding to emails. Apologies!

Only tweet at and tag us (no other advertising sites) and we will retweet your ad tweet. Thanks!

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PROVIDERS: If you feel a review is too explicit then you can request to have it removed. Reviews that remain public are ultimately up to the provider for whom they were left. Some reviews are more graphic than others but not all providers mind this.

What a sweet surprise to see that a client left me a 5-star review on @privatedelights and called me a "punk rock queen!"

Come see what the fuss is about! Join me at my cozy in beautiful
DM or email to book.

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