Everyone, please remember that posting screenshots and private communications from within P411 will result in the permanent loss of your account.

Discretion means being DISCREET. Those who have a problem being discreet will be asked to take their business elsewhere.

@preferred411 Gina @GFEDating is posting screenshots of your messages on their account

@CVKatie @preferred411 Yes I did, but I dont have a P411 account so she cant ban my account.
If thier business choice is to delete those accounts then we are happy to offer them a home with us. that is how business works

@GFEDating @preferred411
Good, remind me NOT to business with someone who cannot respect discrection. Way to keep it classy GFEDating.

@GFEDating @preferred411

And if you don't have an account how are you getting access to other private messages? And then you are posting them on social media? Bad for business

@preferred411 When will you be opening registration to new providers in the US again?

I believe I am guilty of quoting something from there.
I did so thoughtlessly and I apologize, Gina 😌

@preferred411 uh oh... I saw an account suspended and wondered what that could mean...

@preferred411 thank you for posting this. I was getting worried people are doing that and my p411 profile might get posted.

@preferred411 we'd also like to back this up with:

Posting personal or private information on Switter without consent will result in the toot(s) being removed, and/or other action being taken.

@preferred411 Yes it’s here are providing myself who would love to be able to join and would have no problem respecting P411

@preferred411 hey there , have you opened up access for new providers in the states yet ?

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