Just in case somebody legit comes along as this is happening a lot again...

If you follow me, especially as somebody that toots very infrequently, you should say hello or at least Favorite something, have tooted some yourself, plus have your own avatar. Otherwise, you'll get blocked for being a bullshit account.

Here we are with shitty 2020 about to end, light is finally appearing at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, and here comes to try to suppress all adult-related fun on the internet, at least in the United States. I can only hope Switter's server is in some other country.


@switter_mod Back on January 8th, I tried to change the email address on my account. When I clicked to save the change, a message said the email address I was trying to use was already in use. I just created it the day before on January 7th! I tagged @switter about this back then but received no answer. Seeing that account retweet this new "mod" account, I tried again to change my email and received the same message. Can you help?

@switter I am trying to change my email address here. When I click on the confirmation link, it says the email address I am trying to use is already in use. I just created it yesterday. Can you help?

Interesting to see the sudden mini-flood of bots coming from mastodon.social that are following me. Maybe there are others I don't know about but it sure seems like @switter is the only instance of Mastodon that hasn't become a haven for πŸ’© of one type or another.

For those disappointed was bought by Automattic (owner of WordPress) with NSFW material still to be banned, I highly recommend either newtumbl.com or pillowfort.social. For most posting on Switter, I suggest keeping posts strictly visual with no contact info as to not run afoul of either site's terms of service.

Tried the Humblr and sinblr instances hoping they would be a nice, extra posting home for me. Both admins spammed me for a third-rate "dating" service. I thought the whole reason for Mastodon was to get away from being spammed by the owner. I'll just stay mostly a lurker here on Switter and enjoy the view.

Booted up and didn't realize I had the Federated timeline displayed. For a few minutes, I thought we'd been overrun by spam. πŸ˜…

I hope each one of you wonderful women here are making sure you are registered to vote and will then follow through and cast a ballot every time in every election for every office. Your life or that of your daughters and granddaughters may depend on it.

I swear to fucking god, whoever is behind the new "Want to have sex and pay nothing for it?" spambot needs to be set on fire with the power of a thousand suns.

Want to have sex and pay nothing for it? GO JACK OFF! πŸ˜†

Ello has banned pictures showing "stimulation" and "penetration" plus, even worse, seems to be on auto-pilot and isn't banning accounts posting illegal material. Tumblr has completely banned nudity so, where next? Blogr.xxx is fun but it's pure porn with no good communication so there's no community feel to it. I'm waiting to see what MojoFire, openbook.social, and Suffrnet will have to offer. Definitely avoid all the Tumblr "clone" sites as Verizon is sure to sue them all off the internet.


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