@ChanelSnow - New Add Content 😜

If you fancy a sexy woman to share your bed,
Please make sure you think with your big head.

I need to make sure we're a good fit,
Before you get your tongue on my tasty clit.

So if it's a new client you strive to be,
Take some advice from little ole me.

Send your references to get your screening done,
Then lets have some hot and nasty fun!

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OMG - you really rock my socks off!!! You are so clever and witty, GIVE ME YOUR TALENTS!!!!

@ChanelSnow I have other talents I'd like to share with you!! 😍 πŸ˜› 😘


And I can't wait to experience them!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

@ChanelSnow Feel free to use me, er use the poem in your future ads. Let me know when you want another!

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