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I wanna delete a bunch of old tweets and clean up my Twitter a bit

no set of emojis makes me laugh more than


✿.q.:* β˜†:**:. 𝕃𝔸ℕ𝔸 𝔹𝔼𝔼 .:**:.β˜†*.:q.✿

β₯ porn, live shows, onlyfans, snapchat, and wishlist:

β₯ Email me for custom enquiries:

Read me! β†’

touch me 🌸 love me 🌸 hurt me 🌸 spoil me🌸 treat me 🌸

jenna marbles is making so much money just.... loving and spoiling her dogs. I want that. shes living my dream life

creating a account rn!

only one week left to get my lifetime snap for $35 before it goes up to $100!

soft sensual e-girl teasing and fingering herself for the camera πŸ’• I really love...

I won't be online tonight! (got some stuffs to do)
BUT,, and are doing a THREE GIRL SHOW together so holy shit go watch that!!!

on that note, feel free to contribute to this poll thread of video ideas! you dont need to vote on whether its your kink, but rather if you would like to see me do it haha

Wax Play?

yo what's the traffic like on lately??
also, give me suggestions for clip stores you wanna see my content in!

alright, I'm logging off for a while. too many awful people spewing toxic bullshit about things they cant and wont ever understand. I'm gonna go make content instead

when you compliment a pretty girl and she compliments you back and you were completely unprepared for that kind of blessing and love

my plans for my rats:
they have a super giant cage rn, but I feel like it isnt the best for their burrowing needs? so I'm thinking of creating a second enclosure from a fish tank and making it filled with more substrate and hidey places?

Also just to clarify: I have nothing against people who do 9-5 jobs. If that's what you wanna do, then do it. But similarly, let me do what I wanna do. You're not better than me just because you keep your clothes on.

I put naked photos of myself online because I'm confident and it makes me money.
And I HAD a 9-5. Which I quit. Because camming and porn is significantly better for me.
Nice try, but you cant make me feel ashamed for doing something I love.

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