"You can destroy your now, by worrying about tomorrow." Janis Joplin

Photoshoot Eve: a sacred holiday observed by escorts during which we run around town buying props and try not to drink too much.

Update...this shot is AMAZING!!!!! Wish it wasn’t summertime because I need at least 5 opportunities to use it each day!

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Most of y'all are lovely.

But some of you, I'm just going to say it: The way you insist on trying to keep review culture alive, the way you write about the ladies you see, it's like a public masturbation. Tacky, classless, unnecessary.

copied from twitter.. just want to make sure i'm giving credit...Sophia Rose

Feb 3

CLIENTS: Behind the lip gloss smiles of sex workers, are real people making their way in the world. Because you do not know whether a SW is truly happy or sad, doing well or struggling; please, always treat SWs with compassion and kindness. It's more important than you know......
Could not agree more <3 :)

Hi, I'm Ramona and I cannot wait to meet you and bring you into my world!
I love long, uninterrupted dates spent with interesting people. My thirst for knowledge spans beyond my college classes and makes me a very attentive date.
I look forward to rendezvous with you.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Contact: ramona.cava@protonmail.ch

Genaral question... Do women like it when guys shave their armpits?:)

On a side note I adore all guys I do, but when you message me at 2am and call me a fake bitch for not answering I'm gonna tell you to cram it. If it's 2am and I'm not answering it's because a bitch is sleeping lol.

Just because your cock is awake and ready to play doesn't necessarily mean I am. I am not a 24/7 bitch get to my DICK NOW provider.

Now they my rant is over I can have my coffee ☕ lol 😂

Guys if you have asthma bring in your rescue inhaler, same with your nitro if you have heart problems or some candy if you’re diabetic

It really kind of sucked when my client had an asthma attack and I had to dig thru his clothes for his keys, go out and root thru his car for his inhaler.

Glad he’s the sweetest guy in the world, and everything turned out ok, but it scared the shit out of me.

You’re paying for discretion, calling 911 to my Incall spot isn’t good for either of us

I find it weird that everyone calls it “eating pussy.” Doesn’t “eating” sounds scary? If I said “I want to eat your dick” wouldn’t you be terrified?
Anyway, here’s my ad 👇🏽


Switter has just passed 80,000 users who have created over 1,000,00 toots

Psst! There’s 5 years worth of hosting to giveaway thanks to the generous donation of sex workers! Are you a sex worker feeling the crunch post-FOSTA/SESTA? Know someone that is? to spread the word, this hosting is for workers who can’t afford it atm. Just contact if you’d like to nab one!

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