If you are planning to eat me out you better do it with passion. I need it done with desire and intensity. Show me you mean it.

Since I am not available on weekends I'd like you to meet some friends 1-888-720-2064 all major CC's accepted! foneflirts.com

Have a panty fetish? Talk to Candy and all of her friends for only $10! PantyVixen.com

I do not and never have subscribed to the "get 'em on the phone and get 'em off fast". The Phone Flirts® approach has ALWAYS been PERSONAL and easy-going which means I do not rush you, I show an interest in you beyond your wallet, and I am very discreet.

Is phone sex better than real sex?
Um, duh, no, can’t claim that it is. So is phone sex the perfect response to not getting laid? Um, no probably not that either. Phone sex is not a replacement for real sex, it’s not going to make your spirit soar either. However, cheap phone sex fills a need. When you get the urge to masturbate, using some type of aid can enhance it!

And while I have had this account for over a year I hadn't really used it. So I decided to clean it up nice and start using it.


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