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Corona free, but you ain't seeing me during this tragedy
Online work is whack, so not offering that
Wait for me in the flesh, bae....
Catch me in May! 🙃

luv, phoenixx

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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Shout out to the that toot to other on how to be a better client.

@phoenixx Hello Gorgeous , thank you for all the toot's. I appreciate the love..😚

Found it:
The Class of RBG:
The remarkable stories of the nine other women in the Harvard Law class of ’59—as told by them, their families, and a Supreme Court justice who remembers them all.

Need to keep fighting to keep what we have & for more- because only 60 years ago, women were mostly seen as ornamental to their husbands- the law students. ~100 years ago, US & England passed women suffrage (doesn't seem to apply to non-whites )

NYT Orbit

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There’re some good toots on my Switter local TL but I’m unsure if they are Twitter bots. I wonder would I even get a reply if I toot something (notification from the Switter bot to the Twitter lead that there is a reply)

Or rather, should I reply when I’m uncertain anyone would read
(Sorta like if you scream in a forest/space would anyone hear)

Not enough time, good toots to boost, & many frauds to bust- they are tooting and boosting, watch out (even boost each other- possibly same fraudsters)

How Two-Factor Authentication Keeps Your Accounts Safe
Here are some of the best authenticator apps and options. It may take a moment to set up, but once you have 2FA enabled where it counts, you can rest easier.

Read in WIRED:

Enable it to secure your Switter, Google, Amazon and other major online accounts. Demand service providers who don’t offer it to use it.

How was everyone's weekend? I'm in the process of moving and it is like death, sucks so bad. Hopefully I will be settled soon..

I am available now in Boston, Massachusetts, United States! To contact me, visit

Gents who have met me recently: Please be kind enough to leave me an awesome review on my new

**Google and Twitter to block election misinformation**

"The tech firms are ramping up measures ahead of the US elections to block false or misleading content."

#news #bot

I am available now in Los Angeles, California, United States! To contact me, visit

Gents, make sure you’re doing your research before you book with a companion.

I see many...many fake profiles 🍵

If you don’t intend to choke me, ruin my mascara and finish on my face...what are we doing then?

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Cat owners fall in one of five categories, researchers say. Which one are you?
If you have a cat, you may fall in one of five categories ranging from "conscientious caretaker" to "tolerant guardian." Find out here:

Read in CNN:

Research: esajournals.onlinelibrary.wile

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Hello LA SW Switters !!!

Ive used @Massagemichael 3 times now to work on my back. Every time he makes me feel so much better !

His hands are so strong and he somehow finds those little knots no one else can. He really cares and takes his time to make sure he gets to all my aches and pains. Better than the massage places.

Plus, he has that table so my back lays flat.

Its nice to take a break, get a nice massage and pampering from someone I can trust !!

HIGHLY recommended !!

I pole well with the suburban housewives.

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