Tuesday is for lovers! Cum on and get your slice!

Apropos of nothing, I was watching total recall yesterday and I’m thinking of getting a 3rd titty. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the terminator kindergarten cop himself, to perform surgery. Have already petitioned the state of CA to be classified as “mutant.” Thoughts?

530 715 0431

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@peony Not sure about three??? Too many points of interest already one more could push the sane over the edge and God only knows what it would do to me😜

I mean it could be cool, but I think the lack of symmetry would get to ya over time🤷‍♂️

Also if you want to be classified as a a mutant there are other cool augmentations you can get.
Like a tentacles or a tail, maybe a tentacle-tail🤔

Also if you watch the documentary on Peter Parker, and Bruce banner there are some mutants with super powers.

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