It’s Tuesday fellas, have you remembered to show your taint some attention? Don’t worry! I never forget! So throw your friend, taint a bone & cum see me!

Tuesday is for lovers! Cum on and get your slice!

Apropos of nothing, I was watching total recall yesterday and I’m thinking of getting a 3rd titty. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the terminator kindergarten cop himself, to perform surgery. Have already petitioned the state of CA to be classified as “mutant.” Thoughts?

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#3 of Top 10 phrases that should b retired “Sunday Funday”
Funday-ers- fuck U- cuz me&mine R having !While U R no doubt brunching &getting mimosa headaches (cuz u’re weak), We’ll B cumming. U’ll mask yur shame by convincing yurselves that reality tv& internet porn are as good as getting your dick wet(&not from yur tears). 1st Sunday Cumday is commenced, 2 those of U having a Funday, suck my dick*


If you’ve been wanting to meet me... today is your day! Tailor made to make The most or our time together! You don’t want to miss this because it’s also Sloppy Blows Day in rev Symbolic Provider Cafeteria Calendar today (you know like sloppy joes$

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If you have a moment and the monetary.. please think of the ladies. Many are single. Have kids. Have families. Go through a very abrupt slow time during this holiday season leaving the bills to pile on.

Go see her. Send her a gift. Send her cash. Let her know, no matter her situation, that it is worth it all because of who she is and the endless selflessness she continues to give in her occupation...she is just trying to make it just like we all are.

Lets make it a Merry Christmas for all.

Anything goes! Tie me up! Tie me down! Slap my ass, ! I’ll snowblow you while you find out if my ass can Make a diamond! Year of 2020! Year of exploring fantasies& embracing one’s inner Kink

For some reason it won’t let me upload photos check IG

Last chance for any thing goes! Start the new year off right ! By exploring your wildest fantasies and embracing your kink!

Anything goes is in effect a little bit longer; in order to accommodate for schedules and popularity. Who’s going to show me my new

Happy New Year’s Eve! Anything goes is coming to a close and I still don’t have a new kink! Help me before it’s too late!

2019 is almost over ! And I still don’t have a new kink! Who’s going to win “anything goes” !?!!? Time is running out!

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