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Happy Saturday peeps. The sun is shining ☀️😎. Taxes are done. Message one of your friendly neighborhood and make a .

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Just spent an amazing afternoon with @zenakalimassage. My brain is still trying to process the event. Words, I don’t think, can do these beautiful ladies enough justice. Smothered by Angels 👼 and seduced by devils 😈 would be a pale description. They both were so in-sink with each other and in tune with my needs, it was awesome. I’d say it was a once in a life time experience but I plan to book again very soon so I can’t.

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@easymorning after being on for a week now I think I like this better then . It is evolving so quickly and with some fine tuning I think this community could be so much more then nightshift ever was. Keep up the toots and boost and reach out and make a few thousand new friends😂. Adaptation and evolution is the name of the game right now for this industry.

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Just spent a wonderful afternoon with @delphine. She is working out of Amy’s Liar brand new location. She is absolutely awesome and fulfilled all my wants and needs. I can’t speak highly enough about her and Amy’s liar. I will definitly return and repeat. Thanks @delphine.

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Hey switter peeps. I think its going great so far and the community is growing faster everyday. One thing im noticing is that some members have a bunch of followers and only follow back one or two people. Im not saying everything should be one for one and that everyone needs to follow everyone that follows them but I think having a little more balance will help everyone. I try to promote both and on here and I think its how this community is going to continue to thrive.

I'm amazed that a number of guys have shown up on the site here and looked at this as a great "candy store" to press noses against the glass without thinking about how much so many of these brave women here have lost and how many are really putting on a brave face against a very uncertain future. Some of the ladies have called us out to either buy the merchandise or get the hell out of their store. I've booked to meet a new acquaintance. Anybody else showing support?

Sweet Kisses From @DaniellaTheStar ..... To all my SEXXXY SW's and Future Clients ! Have an extra MONEY filled Sexxxy Good Nite ! 🤑 🤑 👍 😎 👊 😘

I just want to thank some people who deserve thanking.

1) Thank you to all the women who are standing tall and together. I am seeing a lot more reference friendly gals and women who helping other women than before the demise of the internet.

2) Thank you gentlemen. Not only are you funding our livelihood, you also have stepped up in this dire time and have shown that gentlemen are just that

3) Thank you asshats for making my block game sharper and blacklist longer. It's something I'm proud of

who's up for some fun this weekend. Prescreen and prebook now 😄

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A SF FBSM provider with a great smile. If you find yourself lost in SF, I will help you find your way-I'm good with directions.

Location: San Francisco

I'm a bit late to Switter but I'm here now 🙌😘 I'll be hosting this Thursday & Friday in downtown San Francisco.

💚 San Francisco:
May 3rd 1pm-Midnight
May 4th 9am-1pm

💜 400hr, 550 1.5hr, 700 2hr💜

💌 Email me @💌

📱 Text Me @

❤️ Hey Babes 💋

We're available this week for our specialty ++. Come treat yourself, and get loved up by two girls who love to please.

Text: ‭510-852-9569‬

Exceptional Extras Menu available once screened.

🔥 Come surrender to our , and we will pamper you fully.

So ... Someone offered me a lovely date at the even lovelier Starlite East Motel.... Never heard of it but the reviews are horrid ! It's like dude I am in no way above a cheap room and a faster than normal good time yet I have standards ! Reviews say don't pull back the sheets or walk around barefoot ! When I offered a nicer place he says who do you think you are ! Well I don't know who YOU thought I was but I am DaniellaTheStar BITCH ! Do better on you dirty dirk diggler !

Hey y'all, just a note. I am RARELY available at the last minute. Sometimes I am, so it can't hurt to check, but if you want to guarantee your time with me, I recommend scheduling at least 24 hours in advance!

The best thing to do is to get pre-screened so that we can schedule more easily!

However, last minute appointments are often possible when I am at @AmysLair on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

❤️⭐️ MAY MENU MADNESS!! ⭐️❤️

Welcome to May! Sun is shining, and so are we. After listening to many of you, we have altered our services better suit your tastes 🌹.

We have a link for you; email / text us. We’ll trade you the link for verification / reference of your choice. If you’ve already sent that to us, great!

We are ready to give you our many exquisite options now to delight all your senses.

Excited for you 😍

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