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Women LOVE casual sex!

They don’t, however, ❤️ casual sex w/ men who:
1) never go down
2) have no clue how to give orgasms
3) get threatened by her sex toys
4) never last past 7 minutes
5) don’t know how to act after

(which eliminates most of y’all selfish, ass-bastards)

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A Sex Work Poem

Treat me like a dirty Whore, treat me like a Queen,
(Unless of course your preference is somewhere in between)
I'll provide a fantasy to nearly every man on Earth;
All I ask is:

Treat me with respect & PAY ME WHAT I'M FUCKING WORTH.

If I got a measuring tape would anybody measure me?


TONIGHT!!! 👅🍆💦

This is how I Want to sit in front of you.

Recently a man told me my head was “transcendent”. Who doesn’t love transcendently wicked, delicious fun?

avail by Cashapp $lilypm1

I just updated my tours on my profile! Catch me in Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Lincoln, Omaha, and Des Moines soon. To pre-book, visit

Have A 🦋 GREAT 🦋 Day ☀️ Switter Loves 💗

💫🌻 Make Today Yours 🌻💫

Tonight!! 👅🍆💦

My breasts and tender and I’m feeling and

There’s nothing I’d like more than to be put on my knees while a hard cock slowly probes my

Stare in my eyes, my

force my head down til I and call me a when I tear for you.

avail by Cashapp $lilypm1


WHAT TRASH !!! So many fake profiles have gone up in the past few weeks. If anyone can send their updated block list, I am happy to share mine as well. @AssemblyFour @switter should close registration again until we can get caught up somehow.

❤️ Thank you switterpeeps ❤️

Hi, my dear Switterfriends! Thank you for your interest to my page and for supporting me! Love you all!☀️🤗☀️

I am available now in Boston, Massachusetts, United States! To contact me, visit
Also available on

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