if any newbs are confused about what all these different timelines mean:

Home: people you follow

Local: all of Switter

Federated: all of Switter, PLUS anyone from *any other instance on Mastodon* who follows one of us. (basically, the more we interact with normies outside of the Switterverse, the more people we'll get connected to, so don't sleep on that Federated TL! try to be friendly & social to the civvies so we can broaden our reach within the greater Fediverse.)


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correction: the Federated TL is Switter + people on other instances that Switter users follow. (not the other way around as i said. confusing, i know, but it essentially boils down to this: we are gonna start appearing in normie TLs/instances the more we interact, so let's be respectful of Mastodon's non-SW communities and make sure our bits are covered/marked sensitive before posting them. it's not censorship, it's consent, which is v sexy imo.) πŸ€“πŸŒˆπŸŒŸπŸ’š

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@JizLee thanks! i clearly have no life and have been stuck in a switter k-hole for almost 48hrs. πŸ˜‚ glad to pass on the stuff i've figured out so far. this is such an awesome platform & the people who used it (outside of Switter) seem like a VERY cool, smart, sensitive bunch. i've noticed that proper etiquette is a major player in this realm, which is kinda lovely coming from a cesspool like Twitter! πŸ˜‚πŸ’œ

@omgheatherjana This, but the federated timeline is composed of people Switterers follow elsewhere, not the other way around! :) Following good folks will fill the federated timeline with goodness.

@cassolotl thanks for the correction and for all the help/resources you've provided to our new community so far! πŸ’šπŸ‘‹

@cassolotl @omgheatherjana Ah, so its *other people's* federated timelines where someone in that other community may follow someone here that has the potential to spread 'unwanted' content?
Just trying to make sure the right advice gets spread on this new instance and ensure that its not just a great community for its own users, but can form a positive part of the wider Mastodon community and not cause any issues for other instances :)

@cassolotl @omgheatherjana And thank you Cas, your toots have been very helpful today in helping me at least try to understand the way the wider, federated, community works on Mastodon!

@cdf_lover @cassolotl check out my pinned toots for what to do as far as NSFW content goes so we don't piss off anyone outside of Switter with our naughty bits! πŸ˜‰

@cdf_lover @omgheatherjana Yes, that's it exactly! (Thank you for being so cool about it, I'm so excited to see you all here and I'm really hoping that we can co-exist harmoniously!)

@cassolotl @omgheatherjana There's a few of us, like Heather, trying to push (boost!) the message - hopefully people listen and pay attention. :)

@cdf_lover @omgheatherjana Oh definitely. Folks tend to go "ohhhhh riiiiiiight, *that's* how it works" and boost things around, and it helps a lot.

@cdf_lover @cassolotl @omgheatherjana

I can relate, on Twitter I would follow someone who love porn hard core. and would unfollow them. I personally do not enjoy looking at porn when I am not in the mood to do so. I appreciate having a filter so that my brain is not bombarded with graphic porn.

@omgheatherjana Even for us experienced users - I mean those who've been here a whole 24/36 hours :D Thanks for the very useful toots Heather!

@DrSue yup, we've been trying to push this message hard. avatars & header images should be SFW only.

@MeetMsJackson @DrSue from what i can see you're not showing anything explicit in your avatar, so i feel like this is an acceptable standard of nekkid to inflict upon the greater Fediverse? idk, not really my call to make, but i think that pic is fine. (if you want to post actual NSFW/nudity on your TL, feel free! just please make sure to mark it as sensitive media first.)

@omgheatherjana I still have no idea how this works, but that helps. I did take care to mark all of my posts sensitive in the settings.

@RileyLuvyna happy to help! (oh, and if you didn't see, there is an option in the Settings that allows you to check the sensitive media box, where all of your media will be marked sensitive so you don't have to individually click it every time. there's also a box to check that will show you sensitive media w/o having to click the image itself to see it, that's a good box to check too if you don't mind seeing n00dz.)

@omgheatherjana @RileyLuvyna thanks for this info! Was trying to figure out how to do it πŸ˜‚

@omgheatherjana So all of the furries, artists, witches, anarchists, communists, queer folks, hackers, etc on mastodon are "normies" now that the sex workers have arrived. 🀣 πŸ˜‰

But seriously, yes, I have a "normie" job and sometimes check mastodon form the office so correct tagging of #nsfw is appreciated.

Welcome to mastodon! Hope you like it here! 🍍

@sharp lol true, Mastodon is fully of brilliant unconventional progressive weirdos, that's kinda why i love it here so much! i prob shoulda used "civvies" which is what we call civilians/non-SWers but i figured more people would understand the former. πŸ˜‚βœŒπŸ’‹

@omgheatherjana I know there's a few flowcharts explaining how federation works but I can never find them when I google for them lol.

@NicoletteBellerose yep, there are some floating around, i think i boosted one yesterday maybe? πŸ€”

@omgheatherjana A good thing to note also is even with a CW anyone can go into settings and check "always show sensitive content" so people who want to see it will, it's not hidden for everyone.

@swjohn71 yup, it's been noted several times. :) check my TL for tips/tricks for navigating things around here. (you can also check the setting for "always see sensitive content" which is also helpful to have turned on if you don't mind NSFW in your feed.)

@omgheatherjana Hello-I just signed on in the last day or so and want to be sure I'm following prototcol. So where do I find the guidelines for pictures to be sure I'm posting the naughty bits appropriately. I'm probably guilty of some boobie shots occasionally but that is the most I'll show (vs the southern ladyparts which I'll not be showing nude on any forum).

@SophiaStJohn the @switter rules as of right now are: mark all NSFW content (ie: nudity) as sensitive before posting. you can do this from the toot composition window by clicking the eyeball icon. (if it has a blue strike thru it, it's sensitive.) your profile is already set to mark your media sensitive, but you can turn this off when creating individual posts. keep all avatars/headers SFW. tags will also filter as sensitive. (@j @e are working on a more comprehensive solution this week!)

@SophiaStJohn the CW tag is just an additional layer of protection/consent, so if you wanted to post some pink bits (or perhaps discuss a sensitive topic; other communities use them to hide stuff like politics) it might be wise to employ this tag. by clicking the CW icon.

but the rules here are entirely up to us, as a community, so feel free to chat about what you'd like to see. this place is ours to shape in whatever way we want.

decentralized social media: it's lit! πŸ€“πŸ”₯🌈

@omgheatherjana @SophiaStJohn @switter @j @e when i touch the eyeball on my picture and a line goes through it.. that means ive marked it sensitive? this is what switter wants us to do with sensitive content right? thanks in advance πŸ˜‡

@SophiaStJohn the rules can also be found on @switter's profile page. but bear in mind they're kinda in a bit of flux at the moment while we/they (the devs) are still figuring out how to reconcile our presence within the greater Mastodon Federation. πŸ’œ

gm ms jana

i hope ive been toot correctly van you pkease check my bio to see if my images arr marked sensitive if you dont mind also what a instance thank beautiful

@omgheatherjana here’s a screen shot everyone of what these filters look like in my tootdon app. So you can see the tabs home: those you follow, Local: all those who joined switter instance on Mastadon, and Federated: Switter plus those who’ve interacted with switter outside the instance.

@omgheatherjana here’s a screen shot everyone of what these filters look like in my tootdon app. So you can see the tabs home: those you follow, Local: all those who joined switter instance on Mastadon, and Federated: Switter plus those who’ve interacted with switter outside the instance.

@MsCharlotteX don't use Tootdon, they save copies of your toots to their servers! πŸ’š

@omgheatherjana can you download the app on your mobile device to direct connect? I went browsing and couldn't figure it out.

@omgheatherjana thank you. How does one find β€œhome”. I want to go home! Or, home sweet home. Even local feels too crowded for me now. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

@Philipsundstrom the Home feed should be just the people you follow. if you feel like that's getting too busy, you can always mute users, or you can mute individual words/phrases from appearing in your TL. (there are instructions pinned to my page.)

@omgheatherjana thanks again. So β€œhome” is just the house icon? Mine seems to feed me more folks than I follow, but it will better allow me to explore, I guess. It does make it a bit tougher to follow those whom I follow, however.

@Philipsundstrom yep, Home is who you follow only. Local (the little group of people icon) is all of Switter. Federated (the globe) is Switter + people outside of Switter that our users follow!

@Philipsundstrom @omgheatherjana Home includes posts that have been boosted by people you follow as well, though you can change how it's filtered.

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