'sup guys. heads up, if you want to mute certain words/hashtags/phrases from your TLs, go into the 3 little bars (UNDER the ones on the top right-corner) and enter your muted words like this. (you can do this just for your Home feed or the Local/Federated feed as well, but you gotta do them all separately, which is good for not 100% muting stuff & staying organized.)

(sorry findoms and cam girls, i luv y'all but i'm keeping all that stuff relegated to my Local feed! it's nothing personal! get that money, friends!) 💓🎉💸

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@omgheatherjana THANK YOU. So funny that we are all muting the same things... HMMM. again. not against ANYONE's hustle. Just. you know....

@omgheatherjana I tried that and it didn't work. How did you get the vertical lines between words? Maybe that is my problem because I just used spaces?

@Heatherofvegas yeah you need to use | <-- that character. (you can usually find it on your keyboard near the fancy brackets & whatnot)

@omgheatherjana Oh thanks. I see it now. Missed it before because I have never used it.

@omgheatherjana My local timeline is so much better now thanks! I was just muting each person individually (exhausting!)

@Heatherofvegas totally! once you weed out a few key phrases (ahem lol) it becomes much more readable. (but remember you need to cut and paste your muted keywords to each TL - Home/Local/Federated - if you want them muted globally.)

@omgheatherjana Thanks. Not too worried about my Home TL because I only follow people I am REALLY interested in. I don't even look at global yet.

@omgheatherjana I looked under it and it is checked blue just like this. Thank you again for your patience with me. Is my blue eye supposed to have a line across it or no?

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