hi guys! something VERY IMPORTANT that we ALL need to be aware of: unless we wanna get muted/banned by moderators of other Mastodon instances (we can interact w/the whole universe, not just Switter!) then we MUST BE VIGILANT about keeping ALL NSFW IMAGES BEHIND CWs (and/or changing yr settings to "sensitive media") -- this also means DO NOT SHOW NUDITY IN YOUR AVATARS! once we get muted by a mod, it affects ALL of their users. let's stay social & interact properly/politely in this new world! 💓🌎

please keep boosting this, as we are growing at an INSANE rate and not everyone is familiar with this new platform! thanks, cuties. ✌🤓💋📣📣📣

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@omgheatherjana Censorship already? And the worst kind, which is self-censorship at that?

@hhardy01 it's not censorship, it's being respectful of other non-SW instances so that we can interact with the entire universe and avoid being ghettoized for not protecting our n00dz w/content warnings. we can still post NSFW stuff, we just need to be respectful of Mastodon etiquette if we want to fully integrate into this platform.

@cdf_lover yes! Omg this such a good way of looking at it!

@hhardy01 @omgheatherjana it will never be censorship, I promise you that. That's what CWs are for.

It won't change, and if it doesn't fly with some servers there are still thousands of other servers to connect to.

@hhardy01 @omgheatherjana it’s not censorship anymore then it is when I put my posts about chronic illness behind a CW, or someone who talks about trump puts their posts behind a CW, both of which are fairly standard practice on mastodon (that second one is actually what CW’s were originally invented for haha - there were some political flamewars back in masto’s early days and a lot of people wanted a way to opt out of that nonsense)

@Satsuma @hhardy01 haha yep, someone yesterday framed it like this: content warnings aren't censorship, they're consent! (something SWers def understand & appreciate.) 😀

@omgheatherjana @hhardy01 definitely a good way of thinking about it, esp since content warnings dont affect things like showing up in hashtags and such (which I’m worried some people may think it does? Post privacy and content warnings are separate systems on mastodon but they’re often conflated on other platforms)

@omgheatherjana Hello, just a quick question, if I've marked all media as sensitive and individual toots as NSFW, do I additionally need to add a cw? Ive just learned what that is! (Sorry to bother you, you just seem to know what you are talking about. :) )

@CalliRoseXO if your pics are marked sensitive you should be fine for most things, but if it's something hardcore (ie: pink) i would suggest a CW tag.

@omgheatherjana This is way more complicated. What is and what isn't NSFW is often not a yes/no question. Some people wouldn't even think about tagging artworks, swastika, naked babies or light wounds as NSFW and others would be outraged if it wasn't. For many cases you are right, it's a matter of being polite and an obvious decision, but I don't want to be muted because someone feels that a naked sunbather in the background of a holiday photo makes it NSFW and I just didn't think about it.

@pv okay, while i agree, i also think that sex workers are responsible enough, as a community, to come to some kind of mutual understanding of what constitutes NSFW as far as our Federated posts go. (even if the only solution is to start telling Switter members to set their individual toots to the Unlisted privacy setting so as not to ruffle the Fediverse's collective feathers.)

@omgheatherjana I didn't even know we were in the context of sex workers. You are probably right that it's possible to establish a standard there. I think it is just difficult to have in mind the extremely large *potential* audience you are addressing every time you click on "toot!" here. Most of the time you are talking to a couple of people at most but sometimes you aren't.

@pv oh yeah, totally! can't ever please everybody, but i/we're just trying to ensure we don't get banned/muted by mods of other instances out there. hopefully we can figure out a workable community standard that works for everyone so we're not bombarding the Fediverse w/a fuckton of unsolicited n00dz. (we've only been online for around 30ish hours, so this is all still clearly in the nascent stages.) 😂

@omgheatherjana I would like to work on a personal filtering tool that gives you more options in what you want to see in your mastodon. Filtering by hashtag, search term, etc. I'm not sure about how open the Mastodon developers are about that but I will try and find out.

@pv i've already sussed out how to filter/mute certain keywords from my individual feeds like this:

@omgheatherjana Right, I forgot about that! So the basics are already there. Do you know if these filters are also applied if you click on a hashtag for example? Or is it just applied to your home feed?

@pv i have to copy/paste my list of terms into each feed, but it filters out the regular word as well as the hashtagged version.

Protip: if you're filtering a word that might be part of another word, like "cam" put a space on either side, otherwise it will also filter any post that uses words that contain "cam" like "camera" and "occam". :)


@omgheatherjana Oh yes Ms! I am using this experience to become wiser! ❤️

@omgheatherjana Thanks for getting the word out! Some people like me check Masto at work and would like to entirely avoid NSFW content while there. Especially since it would pull images through the work wireless network. Also I don't like instance-level blocking, meeting new people is half the fun with Mastodon! Another thing about CWs that may trip newer people up: The warning itself does count against the character limit. So the CW plus the content together must be under 500 characters.

@omgheatherjana But also use CWs for text content that needs to be labelled such. Its not just about images.

@cdf_lover yup. they're not just for hiding porn/NSFW posts, they're also helpful for warning people about potentially-triggering stuff like violence/assault/rape/eating disorders/bodily fluids or even stuff as innocuous as movie/TV spoilers.

@omgheatherjana thanks for the reminder. Do you recall where that setting is located?

@omgheatherjana Ive already boosted this before, so simply replying to it in the hope that means someone extra may see this IMPORTANT MESSAGE in the timeline! Please click to see the thread and Heather's message!

@omgheatherjana thank you very much, especially for the avatar bit, which really gives everyone a choice to see nudity or not.
You are a star.

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