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tbh 'treat yourself' was the worst thing to happen to my finances since getting a masters degree in art

Thank you for this necklace, lovely! I love rubbing it for good luck ❤️🍀

Thank you for the wine babe... now I know what I’ll be doing this weekend ;)

If you used to lick the lid of the ice cream carton you are great at giving head now. Tell me I’m wrong

So sad, I've had a couple people send me gifts from Amazon but they didn't come with gift receipts attached and so I can't thank them! If you got me some lovely gifts for Christmas please DM me!

client moods for 2020:

-screening easily
-washing thoroughly
-paying upfront
-paying required deposits
-not staying overtime
-respect is sexy

Has anyone seen Ariana Papademetropoulos’ new body of work, “Just Like Arcadia”? It's absolutely gorgeous and super unsettling yet familiar.

Such an amazing play date with last night!!! All the softest and most amazing kisses for this angel 💋💋💋 thanks to the lovely gentleman who introduced us and experienced with us! ❤️

also noticed how much kinder I am, and how much more I start to smile at people and that has felt so much better than music or podcasts. This year is going to be about creating and not consuming for me and so far it feels good. ❤️

I’ve been spending more and more time walking around town without headphones on and it’s been really uplifting. I’ve realized how much I have been trying to block out the world and I’ve started to ask myself why? Embracing the noise and life of the city is stressful, but I’ve

You could put my fee in an envelope or you can put it in a 🐰😍😍😍

Some people see normal nails. A few people will see that I haven’t gone rock climbing in way too long 😔😔😔

Rereading this BEAUTIFUL copy of the Alchemist which a client got for me the last time I was in NYC... this is one of the few books that I can always read over and over and still find pleasure and new meaning in. What are some of your favorite books to read multiple times?

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