This desert was so unbelievably pretty! Thank you for spoiling me <3

You’re the best dream I get to live whilst awake ❤️❤️

Taking this book with me to Cancun! Thank you lover for the lovely novel and GORGEOUS new houseplant! Not pictured, the wine that was deliciously consumed this weekend 😅😅😅

So excited to go to Mexico today!!And thank you not only for gift cards to go shopping to prepare for the trip, but bikinis as well... just one question left: red or green? ❤️💚❤️💚

Thanks for the movie trio! I love the Before Sunrise trilogy <3

Add it to your mental dictionary. I have really thick long hair and so people don't often play with it but when they do, I sometimes fall in love

A super short read but super amazing and thoughtful. Thanks for letting me borrow this! ❤️

When your date cancels due to flight cancellations 😢

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