I got this book from community thrift ages ago and just finished it recently. I absolutely loved it. Such a beautiful and inspiring story it read almost like an epic poem rather than a novel. 🌹

I’ve just discovered that REI offered adventure trips all around the world!!! Anyone want to plan a long date with me?? 🥳🥳

I absolutely love our mid-week city breaks. Thanks for taking me out to nature and sharing something so beautiful with me. I always treasure our adventures ❤️❤️

Ha! A favorite client sent this photo to me and for some reason I identify with it so much. Thanks for understanding me!

Has anyone been watching the His Dark Materials series on BBC? I am screaming, they’ve finally made it exactly as I imagined it 😭😭

Do you miss me East Coast?

I've still got room on my dance card for next week and it'll be the last time I tour until 2020 so book your date asap. <3

NYC: Nov 18-20
DC: Nov 21-23


Someone edit this headline to include getting paid for nudes <3

Who recommended Touching the Void to me? I just finished watching it and I am STUNNED. Such an incredible true story of mountaineering and perseverence!!

Got this book of pin up art and I honestly can’t stop flipping through it. The paintings and illustrations in it are fabulous and the colors are so lush... also, many of them are by artists I’ve never ever heard of before which means endless hours of rabbit trails 😍

“Anyone who thinks heaven is not hot water behind a locked door has forgotten what it means to live.”
― Lucy Frank

SF: Nov 1-17, Dec 7-10
NYC: Nov 18-20
DC: Nov 21-23

Just a little bit lacy, just a little bit racy....

Come and play San Francisco! I'm only around a limited time through December...

Newsletter is going out later this week. Are you going to get a copy? Make sure you're in my little black book at olivialark.com <3

One of my favorite people always brings me the BEST chocolates... it was a struggle to get a photo before I devoured them all 😅😅

Thanks for letting me borrow your car this weekend 💋💋💋

Oh wait did you say you wanted to talk about how none of the robots in Wall E technically had genders but we assumed it was a hetero love story? *deep breath*

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