What this impeachment trial needs is a kiss cam

There’s a shade of red for every woman... 💋💋💋

San Francisco:
February 5-14th
February 19-23rd

New York:
February 24th-27th

March 3-6th

I’m in England and I heard about Kobe because the bartenders at the pub were talking about it, one of them was crying. That’s a legacy. ❤️

Gonna be sending out my newsletter in the next day or two... make sure you’re on my mailing list!


Goodbye Mexico! It was a blast! I am leaving feeling so nourished and loved and spoiled.... my heart is overwhelmed ❤️❤️❤️

Been reading this bad boy on the beach... anyone else read this? What a great and beautiful perspective on life and death... to read it in paradise was definitely thought provoking!

Aghhh so perfect. Also, if you guys haven’t tried Mexican wine, I can attest to the fact that it is DELICIOUS.

This desert was so unbelievably pretty! Thank you for spoiling me <3

You’re the best dream I get to live whilst awake ❤️❤️

Taking this book with me to Cancun! Thank you lover for the lovely novel and GORGEOUS new houseplant! Not pictured, the wine that was deliciously consumed this weekend 😅😅😅

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