It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me and I’ve been lying low for a little bit.... it’s nice that I have friends who send me tiny hamsters to make me smile ❤️

Love when people send me things like this... magical, inspiring and so thoughtful! Please send me more strange and beautiful things ❤️❤️❤️

The History Behind Some of the World’s Most Beautiful Ceilings

I’m a feminist but I finished watching Unbelievable the other day and as a guilty countermove I watched The House Bunny on Netflix, one of the most offensively vapid movies I’ve seen in a long time and yet I couldn’t stop watching.... 😩😩

Finally finished this book that a gentleman gave me over the summer! What a unique perspective, a memoir of an astronaut that is both creative, interesting, and a heartfelt advice-filled book that I’m definitely going to recommend to some nerdy friends of mine 🤓🤓

So in love with this song right now ❤️❤️❤️

God I fucking love when it’s fleet week 😍😍😍

Perfect night with a perfect gentleman.... thank you for always adding so much color and fun to my life!!

been raped, when we’ve been stalked, made to feel uncomfortable, or punished for existing. Believe us, support us, and trust us, because we shouldn’t have to prove to you that our pain and trauma is valid.

of support for them. Also, the systematic ways in which rape victims are retraumatized by a system that fundamentally doesn’t see rape as a serious crime is not only unacceptable, but sickening and monstrous. Believe women. Believe us when we say we’ve been harassed, when we’ve

Watched “Unbelievable” into the early hours last night... what an absolutely horrific story and just goes to show that trauma/ptsd manifests itself in so many different ways and that it is not our responsibility to cast doubt on a victim but to create safe spaces and networks

What are your favorite audiobooks? And by that I mean not just books that are good, but are somehow made better through the medium of sound. Ready go!

Bricks are just domesticated rocks prove me wrong

I miss the time when I thought the lyric "I've got a soul but I'm not a soldier" was the most deep line I've ever heard

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