👌 So many smart, gorgeous, confident and sensuously wonderful ladies here at Switter 😍 Love seeing sexy women supporting sexy women! ❤️

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I've mentioned this before but always worth a repost: if you're not using VPN, I recommend doing so. I use NordVPN and it's well worth the small monthly cost.

I also vastly prefer to communicate via protonmail (unless I know ya).

Security, discretion, and privacy: very sexy things. ♥️

21% of men admit to watching porn at work... all statistics have room for error, so do you think this number is high or low? 😂


Loving todays chat's with our new Nuru Me ambassadors! So very excited to be working together with such fabulous women, bringing the joys of Nuru Massage to the world! 😘

HI!! My most sincere apologies for the long absence. I was locked out of this account and just FINALLY regained access today!


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