Outcall In Philly Center CIty Tuesday ? Anyone around

Need a lmt massage for outcall to nyc monday night

Vegas outcall massage needed weds and thurs eves. Direct message me if you open thanks

Looking for outcall massage in Boston tonight Copley area thank you

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God, how hard is it to pick up an escort or massage girl on Switter? I've got gals DMing me constantly and am booked up for a month or more ahead of time and there are guys on this platform whining about how they are virgins at 30? WTF? Its like screaming and crying you are hungry in the middle of an all you can eat buffet!!! God! Get a clue guys!!! Read!!! Learn!!!

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# NYC. Whose open for outcall massage tonight to midtown east? Direct toot me please. Thank you

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At this point, there’s no way someone could blackmail me by posting my nudes to the internet. I’d be like:

*quick typing noise* ...Done

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I just received an email that I find both inappropriate and insulting. Please do not EVER contact me seeking any experiences involving drugs. I take pride in being fully present with my clients, and feeling each new experience with all of my being. If you can't connect with someone without being high, then it's a hard no from me.

Tryst looks cool but there is limited participant seating righ5 now. Love that you can search by area as p411 just got rid of that in Jan. The interface rocks

west Times Square massage. Is anyone open this eve

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Updated 2019 Travels:

Harrisburg: 1/24-26
Philly: 1/27-29
Chicago: 2/4-5
Raleigh, NC: 2/6
Charlotte, NC: 2/7-9
Philly: 2/21-22
DC: 2/24-25
Tyson’s Corner: 2/26
Limited ‘fly me to you’ availability.

Is p411 down? It’s not resolving when I go to website. Anyone else having same issue?

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Ive decided to give Delivery Code another chance 😇 . Don sent me an email and asked me to try him one more time 🤗 . I think he may just be overwhelmed and the only one running his business. He accepts who we are and the idea is brilliant; and honestly, Amazon doesn't have everything 😉

So here I go, I'll be using both:


Amazon: a.co/cPKhZZ1

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Raise your hand if you're hitting that mid-afternoon slump... 🙋

I could use a lil naughty fun to perk me up! Or some Dunkin, I suppose...

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