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As a little aside, every time I saw her she was accompanied by different, younger male officers who ummm didn't seem to be allowed to speak :D I respect that :D

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So grateful to be working in a state where sex work is decriminalised. I heard back from the NSW Police officer who I contacted regarding the impersonation/fraud issue I had back in December. She listened, she was respectful, she took it seriously and followed it up.

A marketing effort that focuses on casting aspersions on other Dommes and playing on client fears tends to speak most loudly of the insecurities of it's originator.

Kicking off my return to Sydney with some ballbusting first off today :D

I've been putting content on fetlife again and my inbox is 😂😂😂

Sydney I'm back from my summer holiday and ready to play! Close to booked out already this week. I guess I was missed :D

Amazing day of shooting, creative juices were flowing and I’m sure in no small part due to the energies unlocked last night and in the witching hours... Thanks again to for a great shoot and our secret model who did amazingly for (multiple) first time suspensions!

Last ballbusting session of 2018 with one of my personal slaves. I 100% made the most of it.

This is the last week I'll be available in Sydney in 2018. My weekend is already spoken for so if you want to see me this year the time to organise is now. There are few spots left.

Just got back the edited version of Part 1 of "Drilling for Diamond: Boot Camp Training Video" with Zoey Diamond... Super excited to see how it turned out! Stay tuned...

🎶Nobody said it was easy, but why's it have to be so hard🎶 @toiletofMsJadis finding being crammed into a small cage a tad more challenging than he anticipated.

Looks like there is a scammer impersonating me on google hangouts. I negotiate sessions ONLY via text message and email.

Can't wait to publish the super slutty pics of @empresseliass I took in session this afternoon. Such a pliable bitch!

‪You know ... I feel sorry for the gents who refuse to follow my protocol and loose the privilege of meeting me .. 🤷🏾‍♀️‬

‪You have no idea what your missing😈‬

‪Also goes for other providers. Blows my mind seeing some be canceled on or refuse screening... like what? 🤨‬

Spending my day being pampered by my slave @toiletofMsJadis My tea has been delivered to my bedside and now I am awaiting breakfast.

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