Heading to Sydney this weekend for a very quick tour.

@Histgrad I love it! so pretty, easy to get into and engaging.

If the NSW covid figures stay reasonable I'll be looking at a return to Sydney in the last week of this month.

Finally finished Red heartAmazing game and such an engaging story. Going to miss Jin, till my inevitable second playthrough.

Busy day ahead of me today. Packing my bags for Sydney, My normal horsey chores, a zoom with my coach.

Things I'm looking forward to at the end of the week: Sushi,the beautiful big bath at my Sydney base, being spoiled rotten by my devoted slaves.. and of course relentlessly restraining, torturing and teasing them

Sometimes it is all too easy to react and give time to energy leeches. Not sure what is in the air at the moment but don't waste one of your more most valuable commodities on such frivolous fuckwits.

Just applied a verrrrry discreet little microbrand to a slave of mine to celebrate the 10 years we have been playing. We have such great chemistry and it certainly has not diminished over the years.

@miss_kittybliss sad and all too common. I had someone who actually knows me IRL steal an entire page of my site word for word!

Enjoying a healthy breaky and contemplating the day's decadence.

Just a quick trip to the atm with @toiletofMsJadis this morning 😁🐷🐖🐽

Phew! that was vigorous. 1100 strokes with the strap for a very experienced, very enthusiastic naughty boy. Def used all that strength I developed throwing around hay bales on the farm over my xmas break!

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