Wow. Met a woman who really just blew the lid off my life experiences. Seen a lot. Rarely surprised anymore. She just moved the Bar way up. When a woman really puts effort into her game - it’s like watching a speeding race horse command the track. Stunning.

A simple token of appreciation to you ladies. I arrive as a man full of worries, troubles, history and need. I leave a cured soul for a short time, wry smile intact.

With all of these posts of men being treated like subservient dogs, financial domination and cock cages - just a subtle reminder. A man in control of himself and his environment brings safety and comfort to many a woman’s mind.

Scarlett St. Clair

Huge Switter Crush. Killing me. Just killing me. Like a work of art, vintage in style and class. A sports car, that is perfect and you admire from afar - but if you had the chance? You would drive like you stole it.

Great. Now guys are posting Dick Picks like postcards on Switter. Bad breeding shows. Sorry ladies. You deserve better.

Every day I browse through Switter looking for a tasteful and classy SW looking her absolute best. A post that I can boost with her in a nice cocktail dress or evening gown out on the town. Most days I am disappointed. Shame. Can find all the porn in the world here. So hard to find something more erotic than that.

Any of you Oregon ladies in the Eugene area available for mid-day lunch date and Incall?


Best picture I’ve seen all day. Creative, fun and sexy. Very nice.

Photo credit goes to - @meetelise

I love living in a small town on the coast of Oregon. But it has a real drawback for me... No Providers. I miss Portland for that one reason alone. Damn.

LAW ENFORCEMENT and RAPE INVESTIGATIONS POLICY: Here's a copy of a memo from last year concerning how law enforcement agencies in King County Washington State are supposed to handle investigations where sex workers are involved. So, in this specific county if you (or someone you know) needs police assistance or medical attention, and the investigating officer learns someone is a sex worker, they are not supposed to file prostitution charges.

This is the way it handled should be everywhere.

I like to re-boost the post of the providers that I find classy and attractive. I won’t post the hyper sexual stuff. I don’t know why other than I really appreciate class and style. You ladies might think about posting a picture of you in a nice dress with the information needed to contact you. Couldn’t hurt.

Another thought for the day; Ladies it is my humble request that each of you consider just one photo of you wearing your favorite cocktail dress or evening gown.

Semi nude / sexual photos are beautiful no doubt. But good taste is easy on the eyes and always alluring.

Fetishes are everywhere. What’s gets us off in bed can be mild to wild. Turn on’s & offs.

For me an empathetic Provider is a HUGE turn on. A beautiful smile coupled with a positive upbeat outlook on life and her clients calls to me. If she sees me as a man, with feelings - as more than a walking ATM to be laughed at for finding her an essential part of my life? How amazing is that?

Angry SW who despise clients & humiliate are not on my radar.

The dream of a Hobbiest? Open a 420 Dispensary in Oregon, work hard to make it a franchise brand, buy an island lot in the PNW, build a home and find just one Sugarbaby I can take to upscale dinners, theater, evenings at the beach, to secretly love and spoil thru college.

What’s wrong with that?

Random-out-of-the-Blue “text messages and pics” from Providers? I love it.

“Morning love! Just saying hello and sending you a smile!♥️“

Nothing better than drinking my morning coffee and finding a flirtatious Lady on my cell phone!

Makes me think (Hey... lemme look at my bank account and see how much I have left for the month...(?)

Client wants an old school 8mm glamour reel. Set up the Bauer Computer S715 with the camera support gear. This is going to be a blast! (Everything is digital now - Have not had a request for something on film for 10 years!) Will have footage developed in Burbank and will edit on Mac computer Final Cut. I swear the camera is smiling at me sitting here on the tripod waiting for Monday!!

Open question: What are the most important issues to you ladies when seeking a photographer? Obviously amazing photos and professional discretion, however your opinion and perspective helps me help you.

So I met up with my first Switter Provider from Bakersfield California for a upscale lunch/meet and greet on Friday. Brought her Red Roses and a card with my donation for her time. I think of this as a “first date” for each of us to evaluate the other. (No sense in moving towards more intimate moments if either of us are not interested after all.) The date went well. She was lovely, intelligent, honest and genuine. Beautiful nails, smile and soft eyes... enough to make a man long for more.

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