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SO we can do pinned toots right? Imma try this.

Licensed Escort in

Yes I have a tiny mustache and no you can't cum on my face. There might be porn of that **SOON**

Condoms Mandatory! I have had an outbreak of herpes type 1 (coldsores) in the past but I take antivirals for your protection so the risk of catching it from me is 1% per YEAR of sex

I have a CNC kink and you can pay extra to have my spotter come on a call 4 that.

All content coming down soon. Get it while you still can. Because I prob won't make mins I'll get nothing for this strange attempt at adventure.

Alright things are shifting around. July is gonna be a wild ride for me personally but after that I may be able to look at making clips or camming again in August or so. Woot woot!

Yeah I am putting this down as failed expirement for now. Maybe I will reexplore sex work in the future? I'm not sure. Mental health went off the rocker and I don't have the capacity for this side hustle, gotta focus on my vanilla life.

I get rewarded chocolate treats for sucking my fiances dick 🍫

I have been busy dealing with mental health and dental issues. Also my meds killed my sex drive so I am not sure where I stand in my pursuit of sex work. I have this special slut phone ona 2 year plan and barely touch it xD

Maybe I will figure out this clip shit. Livecamming has been taken off the table for now.

I need better tech tho.

It's possible that my urge to become a sex worker was hypomania induced but now I have a slut phone on a two year plan and I can't back out 😌😅

Bear with me while I figure out wtf I am doing 😅😇

We'll see how I feel after meds smooth out. My sex drive plummetted 😭

Well I shaved my head today. My sluttiness is on a slutcation because my mental health hit a crisis last week but I'll try to get some nice pics up soon. Mulling over what I want to do / create.

This is funny. I was jacking off my partner with the hand that has my fitbit and the fucking "goal reached for walking" alarm went off from the motions. XD

Saturday afternoons are all I wanna do. Just cozy time with a wealthy benefactor. Ease my worries and move forward my dreams.

I strained my neck masturbating but I squirted so theres that

Just went through a incredibly stressful period with weekly med adjustments. Still getting my footing on who I am now.

Gotta put slutdom on hold until I resolve some issues with my primary partner. Also recent events just have me paranoid af and my mental health is doing a thing. It's all a mess basically haha. Still gonna post lewds tho. Because yeah.

Sex work is hard work and trying to do it part time while holding a fulltime vanilla job has proven to be challenging but I am not giving up! Life has been demanding a lot of me lately but imma keep on going. :D

I dunno bout you but I spent my weekend motorboating balls and I am pretty happy to have a partner who indulged me in this frivolous activity.

Today I discovered dick biting and I love it.

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