I try really hard to make my visitors happy &to ensure that as a I am offering the best experience possible. I always want my new friends to leave feeling better about themselves than when they arrived. My favorite thing about being an is feeling like I genuinely made someone , we made a &created to look back on fondly for yrs to cum 😉

I 💕 receiving feedback from satisfied clients, in the form of or personal messages like these:

@SweetVioletDarling right? Its rlly important for me to feel like im doing positive things in the world &helping ppl so messages like this really make my day. Not only is there nothing wrong w what we do, we provide a valuable service &we genuinely make ppl feel good. Nobody can tell me that providing affection &acceptance w/o judgement to lonely ppl, ppl who are ashamed of their desire, touch starved ppl, shy ppl, is a bad thing. We’re doing something good &its nice to be appreciated for it 🥰

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