Fb is facing charges under fosta/sesta n if it loses sw will lose twitter too -time to get active on here again!

If u follow sw on twitter make sure u r also following their switter n backup accounts

Great night out last night with my kinky peeps at The Playroom

Nothing like listening to the screams of pleasure to turn me on

After a couple days to recover from the hectic weekend im pleased to report the Manasay sw social was a success!!!
All the feedback forms said good things n all the faces looked happy 😄

Except at the end of the night when all that was left alcoholic to drink was tequila n we all wanted to drink but not THAT. Lol. Much face pulling trying to down it! Lol

Todays the day of the manasay sw social 😄😄😄😄😄
So pumped!!
Me n kitty have been good lil worker ants doing prep work late into the night n from early this morn

And now have gotten distracted by social media....lol

Soz I been so quiet.Like alot of us Ive got heaps on my plate atm n keep forgetting 2 update my media presence outside of twitter (my bad!)

Then 2 jump on twitter this morn n see ppl bitching about switters steps 2 try and offer more services like forums....safe to say i felt like throttling some ppl

Those ppl who have no compassion for those giving it their best try, figuring it out as they go along and doing it FOR FREE. Exit stage left pls

We r better off working WITH switter not against

Hi I'm Honey, sweet and bubbly, sensual cuddly and kinky BBW MILF

Location: Melbourne Australia.

Contact: 0438 166 901

Contact me for GFE, PSE, kink, role play

2night we farewelled the manager at the art centre that manages n sells my work
The person whos spent many a late night applying 4 grants, organising exhibitions,pitching my work 2 galleries, helping me develop my skills and 2 understand the 'art world'
And as everyone else was giving her gifts, she gave me this ball of hand spun wool

Spun totally by hand no tools or spinning wheels, in the traditional aboriginal method i use 2 make hair string.
So many hrs of work in this ball -im so touched!

Must somehow gain the the will power to not get carried away when im enjoying my anal training...

Im always the practical that will say 'u cant pls everyone'

But 2day has been a trial of my paitence n living that creed. Just feels like a kick in the guts

Why do i put so much personal investment in when i event plan?
Why in an effort to have something for every1 have 1 long night with diff type of event at diff times, do ppl have to get all negative about the event n say they r not coming because they dont like whats happening 6hrs in2 the event
6hrs is still a good night out -yeah?

Due to a huge surge in ticket sales and heaps of interest, the early bird price for the manasay SW party has been extended an extra day

Come get ur ticket while its still cheap and before they sell out -we want you all there 😄


I home my home feed gets more variety soon.

Im trying 2 b good n post 2 switter each day n make it dif from twitter n intetact with ppls switter posts but so far theres not many ppl from the australian scene on here that ive found on here yet so my feed is looking very....well if it wasnt 4 cuddlesbysarah there wouldnt b a whole lot in it for me read! Lol

Aussie sw, find me so i can find u and we can have awesome chats

& fans u r always welcome too of course 😄😄😄

Anyone interested in coming to the Manasay party today is the last day to get ur ticket at the early bird price

I just got some really lovely n helpful feedback on my content buy a guy that brought some of my clips.

I am actually over the moon when ppl genuninely love my content 😄😄😄😄


Hi all -still trying to figure out how to do everything on here -im useless with technology! Lol

I cant find where to look for those of u i know on here

So if u see me or know me -send me some love! ❤
and eventually ill figure out how to follow u too! Lol


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