reimbursement opportunities available

dm with your item and I’ll reply with your price.

it’s been a slow ass week and so I’m going to take that as a sign to enjoy the rest of My time with My family and I’ll be back in a few days 😌

happy hump day! have a good rest of the week! ✌🏼💖

these were 100% handmade by Women and the proceeds go to save the turtles and so I absolutely couldn’t resist 🥰🐢

now reimburse Me.

out shopping with My mom today ☺️

beg to fund it like a good boy 🐶

just cleaned the tops of My shoes… now who’s gonna be the good little bitch boy to get the bottoms looking just as clean? 🐶

good morning 🌞 say it back with a tribute or 🤫

the pastel rainbow bikini lingerie set on My wishlist - find it, buy it for Princess 👑

if you’re serving Me, get used to the name bitch. because that’s what you are, My dumb little bitch boy 😛

skin care & baby hairs

and still the hottest bitch you’ve ever seen before 😎

I want you on your knees, locked up tight, begging to give Me everything you have.

lips and t i t s🍉

if you’re aroused now (which I know you are) you owe Me money 💵

been having such a nice day today 😌 you can see more posts on @ melstarrxo on twitter 🐊🍓 but now I want a drain or text sessions whatever I wanna play with a weak beta bitch 😈

good morning uglies ☀️ I thought I’d bless your tl with My beauty early today, so you’re welcome!! 😌

hope you have a shit Monday!! you deserve it!! 🥰😚

it should really be illegal to be so hot and perfect 🤩
but here we are, roaming around freely like the otherworldly alien Goddess that I am 👽 snatching checks left & right 😌

good morning ☀️ give your mom $1,000+ today and thank Her for not putting your ugly disappointing loser ass up for adoption 😊

okay I actually have a headache from My phone screen, so it’s definitely time for bed now lol 😴🌙

send while Princess sleeps, nothing is better than waking up to more money!!

now good night, sleep like shit, I hope the bedbugs bite ☺️💖

go on a late night binge and thank Me after 👉🏼 that lotion bottle over there is the only thing you’ll ever pump🧴so go grab it… along with that wallet. and get to it.

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