if you haven’t sent Me a birthday tribute yet, what the fuck is wrong with you??

I don’t care if you can only send $5 every week.
tributes from all of you ADD UP, it’s called math.

if you’re not capable of sending *anything*, you DON’T BELONG HERE! period.

deleting all of My dm requests that don’t have tributes attached is so therapeutic 😌

remember, I don’t need you OR your money, so it’s wise to approach correctly the first time or you won’t get a second chance.😉

who’s sending for coffee and breakfast today then? chop chop 👏🏼

on this holy day, in 1993, a Princess was born… and the world was never the same 👸🏻

some presents from beta and bitch ☺️

so in love with that purse, and that silk pillowcase is going to be so good for My skin and hair 😍

I want more!! clear My wishlists for My birthday, Princess deserves everything!! 👸🏻



let’s play receipt roulette!

what you see is what I bought plus a snack I ate lol, nothing is over $40.
pick a number and dm for your total 🐶

stop sending Me pics of yourself to My dms thinking just because you’re not a butt ass ugly sub you’re gonna get something out of Me for free 😂

I’m happily partnered #1 and #2 I’m here for your money and the kink. that’s it.

send or go somewhere else weirdos.

I want cashmeets today and tomorrow

because it’s My birthday, minimum is $500.

NJ only - in the NYC area of NJ

initial tribute & verification are required.
*DO NOT* bother Me unless you’ve sent My initial first!

MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!! 👸🏻 what have you gotten Me? I hope you’ve been saving up all month!

you have 1 day left to prepare.

good morning losers 🌞 I hope you spill your coffee on your lap and have a trash ass day today 💋

you’re nothing but a disappointment and a waste of time.

all you’re good for is money and entertainment via humiliation.
and then eventually you get tossed.

that’s what you deserve.
you’re nothing but a bitch, and you should be treated like one.

you’re so pathetic and boring your wife can’t even pretend to enjoy fucking you.
She deserves to fuck a real man, unlike you, and you deserve nothing but debt and denial.

skype is for My good boys, not the rest of you horny bastards.

earn it or go find someone else to entertain your dick, it won’t be Me.

start licking, bitch. there’s your dinner waiting on the bottom of My boot 👅👢

I’m so glad I was born hot. truly can’t imagine what life must be like as an ugly person it’s probably so depressing ☹️

Princess wanted mexican for dinner and Princess always gets what She wants 👸🏻
get on your knees and beg to reimburse it.

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