It's been forever since I've logged on to Switter. Sorry, folx.
I'll try + join the circle every once and a while, dropping nudes as I go.

Partial Nudity. Lingerie. 

Dangerous Women Raise The World.

Shoutout to @ellethorn, @j , @e @MistressEmelia @luluvalentine @LiaraRoux @omgheatherjana You guys have been fucking amazing throughout this fight against FOSTA/SESTA. I feel incredibly blessed to be amongst such a strong group of individuals. 💕💕🌚

SP’s are hurting after the loss of BP. Rather than seeking opportunities to take advantage of them, let’s do the exact opposite. Let’s be better clients for the ladies who bring a little happiness into our lives. Let’s do everything we can to support SW’s. That means no pressuring ladies for discounts, complying with screening standards 100%, paying the ladies their fair rates, while treating them kindly & keep your appointments.

Let’s be the good clients that the ladies need us to be.


Take A Breath. Have Faith. Touch Ground.

Then get out there + lift others up.

Montreal, I'll be making an appearance April 27-29th

I rarely make it to your neck of the woods, but its one of my favourite cities, so lets make it count.

J'avais besoin de pratique mon Français ;)

If your in the or District follow these local babes ❤️

@Xoemmyv @janeway @meetharleystone @KylieSpears @flo_champ @LolaHoney @YourKismetCharlatan @missellablack @AllysaJayden @MaddieSwann @edenrae @MsCharlotteX

If I missed anyone .. im so sorry this is off of memory of my followers :( add yourself below❤️

I'm Harley Stone
International Heartbreaker +
World Renowned Love Maker

Headquarters: Toronto
Available to order room service beside you worldwide.

Hello Switter. In light of the reason we're all on this platform, you might want to check out RiseUp's communication security guides:

RiseUp is an anarchist/activist collective and they've been helping dissidents and other marginalized folks with tech security and facilitation since 1999.

Serious question. Did all the nolisted from verifyhim get uploaded to safeoffice?
I'm seeing my previous inputs word for word.

Spending my time learning about practical net security was never in my purview.😂

I can talk about manufactured consent, surveillance state, infringement on civil liberties, historical amnesia + other such humanities/rights based knowledges that led us to this moment.

Now I need fluency in VPN, IP leakages + other veils against opseu.

I hope all you tech nerds out there are creaming.

The promised land foretold.
Lets do this right.

Hey everybody! Remember to always mark your media as sensitive just because y'all don't want minors seeing nsfw content 😘 you can do it thru preferences


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