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Hey hey heeey !

One of the things that sets me apart as a , is my belief in the value of genuine interactions and radical authenticity.

My screening is different. My communications are different. My rates are different. *I* am different.

Who I am, is who I am. If I can do a same day or last minute appointment, I will say so. I do not have an assistant. I do not screen in traditional ways. To the greatest degree possible, I expect the same honesty out of you.

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Interests include genuine connections and anything/everything under the sun. If its something I'm unfamiliar with, then I want to try it. If its something I LOVE & am passionate about (ex:squirting;), then I want to show you and share the experience with you. Whether an hour or a weekend, life is too short not to rest in passion - if only briefly.

Location: San Francisco, California, Oakland, California
Contact:, IG @ elisesonora

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Hey ! Want more eye candy? Check out my Instagram @ elisesonora, while my site is in transition. I consider myself an experience in dichotomy, and what I possess in brains & intellect, I equally embody in beauty and passion. I am proud of my sexuality and of my prowess as a partner and a pleaser. Spend some indulgent time in my company.

Location: Oakland, California , San Francisco, California

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Want to know more about me...?

1. I am a proud public school employee, and am open about it bc SW should be normalized!
2. I was voted employee of the year recently
3. I have lived in S. America and the Mid. East, and traveled enough for 1.5 passports - LETS GO!
4. I've been on TV...2Xs.
5. I am an intensely fierce squirty girl.
6. I have amazing friends/clients who make for even better references.
7. I am a proud sex worker
8. Doubles are THE BEST!

@meetelise Thanks Elise! We're working really hard to develop a product you would be proud to use. We are planning on launching early Q4 2018. In fact we are already giving out early Beta Testing access. If you wanna get a sneak peak, email Roger at He'll hook you up!

Regarding our technical design, it's revolutionary. All traffic is hidden using Tor. All information stored in RAM drives, untraceable, and of course, censorship resistant.

Some days you just have to turn down a sessions with cool & quality ppl bc you’re busy with other life stuff. 😩😿

My schedule is very flexible most of the time but it does fill up fast! That’s why I recommend scheduling a bit in advance. 24-48 hours is GREAT but a few days or more in advance may go further to guarantee you my .

For known friends same day sessions are sometimes possible. For new friends, same day sessions are unlikely.

it’s that time of the night where i’m drinking wine straight out the bottle and taking slutty pics.

sweet dreams, switterfam. 😘

I just love shaking my booty with caviar smeared all over it!

Who wants to lend a helping hand✋
Or a helping 👅

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Hi there, I’m Veronica. Looking for an experienced dominant that can put you in your place? Just your luck, here i am. Specializing in corporal punishment, verbal humiliation, g/s, cbt. Currently scheduling for this coming week.

Location: Oakland east bay sf


1. My birthday is in about 1 month and so here is my wishlist in case you want to help me celebrate:

2. My independent rates are going to go up slightly in September!


I wish this bath bomb was called Blood of my enemies but alas it is not

Do you like tan lines because I will have one soon. Whoops forgot to put sunscreen on one area. 😬😬

One of my photos that Eros wouldn't allow.


(don't) R E S I S T (me)

In an age of performative cruelty, kindness is punk as fuck.

Be punk as fuck.

this is a
all the hashtags

P411: P274118

Social date ideas:

- Anything involving a hot tub or hot springs
- Going to the opera/a play/sassy reading/burlesque show
- Watching a scary/scifi movie/tv show
- Getting smoothies before or after we get smooth 😜

Happy Wednesday everyone...💋 Now in and ready to make you all mine.♥️ :lingerie: 📞 (415)596-2936 📧 A Reference is required when P24657

Sexy, sweet & oh so yummy !
FBSM at its very finest
The true GND

Beautiful San Jose location

I can't wait to get my hands on you
Hugs and kisses

Just posted all my selfies and snapshots from July on my site! Here's a rare view hehe

Check em all out!

I’m Ivy Gorgeous, a top companion in the Northern California area. I am sexy, pretty, very clean and fit. I have amazing bikini tan lines and a perfect ass 💦

I offer and as well as - please inquire for donations. I’m avail for Incall Thur-Sat every week in - also avail most evenings for to upscale neighborhoods.

Check out my profile on

Location: Sacramento, CA

Curvy & sensual professional girlfriend.
The time we spend together should always be relaxing and carefree since I take pride in providing you with the best, one of a kind experience.

Half Hour: 250
Hour: 400

*Mention Switter to get the donation listed above*

Pleasanton, CA Incall - August 17-20
~ San Francisco/East Bay Outcalls Available! ~

(925) 255-0583
Twitter & IG: @allyanaday
P411 #176556

@meetelise It’s ladies like you that make being a pert of this community so enjoyable. Cheers 🍻 to a new and lasting friendship

Always nice to spend lunchtime with new friends - thanks for the great company (and flowers), @WelshmanSac 🙌

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