I want to rebrand under a new last name that reflects my bubbly, outgoing personality more. What do we think of Marisa Mercury?

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, Marisa is from Mercury 🙃 I’m just too whimsical for my current name! Other suggestions are welcome!

Actually decided against it - because it’s too Freddie Mercury for me 🙃 still accepting suggestions! Almost like Mercurial Marisa better? Idk why does nothing feel like me!!

@marisamadison Marisa Mars? I understand the mercurial thing, but not everyone will know what that word means, and it doesn't roll off the tongue. Mars is cosmic and mysterious and to most will communicate a similar thing. Plus you sound like a 70's punk rock singer.

@astorbedford1972 I wish i could but I have some good friends with that last name and I wouldn't feel comfortable using it!

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