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Hey everyone! First post <3
A lil about me: Trans woman of color, lesbian, Goddess. Intersectional Feminist, Misandrist, Insurrectionist and Radical Leftist.
Bruja, Rapper/Artist/Producer. Full service sex worker and have been one for 9 years. Activist and Community Organizer. President of a sex worker rights union. Survivor. Aquarius, Polyamorous, Vegan, Traumatized AF, Angry AF, Hot AF.

for my next trick, i will sleep for a thousand years

Differences between straight trans women and lesbian trans women 

The difference between lesbian trans women and straight trans women is so huge when it comes to political positions and how their specific cultural tropes relate to transmisogyny, and thats super fucking weird.

Internalized transmisogyny from straight trans women 

Seeing straight trans women vomit the most extreme internalized transmisogyny because they want to be pick mes, want to please cis men above everything, see other trans women as competition and even side w/ cis people being transmisogynistic cause they wanna assimilate is sad af

I don't want a seat at the table
I want the whole fucking table
This aint a proletariat fable
Reboot the system, disable
Don't include me in your shit
Get my name off your lips


I'm so fucking angry that these next few songs I record are gonna be heavy af

Loneliness, pandemic, death, drug overdose, self harm, sex, mental health, isolation 

I feel so lonely, touch starved and going into maddening spiral because of isolation that I'm kind of afraid what I'll do when this thing is finally fucking over. Like loads of self harm sex, not sleep for a week, overdose and die?

TERF shit, Azealia Banks, Transmisogyny 

Lol Azealia Banks is having a complete TERF meltdown on twitter on her engagement photo. In a massive thread she started saying trans women are men and that "women need their own spaces" and that cis women isnt a thing, its just women. She really doesnt stop does she?

transmisogyny from cis women 

Absolutely done with the bullshit from cis women sex workers... Know what, scratch that, I'm done with the bullshit of all fucking cis women, yall don't even try to hide your transmisogyny, fuck you, im done.

Intrusive thoughts, flashbacks 

Intrusive thoughts and flashbacks are really fucking me up in the last couple of days

hot take, hiring a sex worker as TWOC, traumatic sex with cis women 

Hot take: If a black or brown trans woman wanted to hire a sex worker, she should absolutely only hire another black or brown trans woman, literally no one else disearves her money. Hire a cis sex worker? For what? Horrible sex and she has no idea how to touch you and its just gonna be traumatic?

Eye contact, flirty caption 

POV: I meet you at the club, I tell you you're pretty, we hang out and go back to my place

Internalized transmisogyny 

Throwback to when this skinny white middle class trans woman told me I "have so much passing privilege" and that I "shouldn't even call myself a trans woman", that I "should just call myself a cis woman" as I "probably don't really suffer like her". LOL

Sex Work discourse, invisibility of lesbian trans women 

This invisibility just further pushes transmisogynistic bs that all trans women are straight, that "we only want to be women to please men", "youre just gay men in drag" and that lesbian trans women arent real trans women. Include lesbian trans women in trans sex work discourse now!

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Sex Work discourse, invisibility of lesbian trans women 

I am not attracted to men in any way and I've had sex with men for money to survive for 9 years, and I was always a lesbian through those 9 years. Most cis lesbian sex workers have male clients because this is work and most dont have access to making money only from female clients. Sex work is work, I dont even see the sex I have in work as sex, its just work, it implies nothing about my orientation (...)

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Sex Work discourse, invisibility of lesbian trans women 

Discourse on trans sex workers always convenientely erases lesbian trans women from the conversation, perpetuating the idea that all trans women who do sex work are straight. Bitch, 75% of all trans women worldwide have done some sort of sex work, u think theyre all str8? Yes it's a fact 95% of clients are men, but that has nothing to do with this as most lesbian sex workers have male clients (...)


Im feeling so fucking anxious right now

Music collab, please share 

Are there any non-men who are producers and make beats round here? Hit me uppp, let's collab. I'm a twoc rapper and my shit is fire

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