Here it is No. 4. I'm having trouble uploading this directly to the site, so you'll have to click a link. I think it's worth the extra effort!

Man, extended duets are my favorite. I love the feeling of caring camaraderie that pops up when the dynamic’s right. Thanks to @ChloeQuinnSF and an exceedingly lovely gent for an awesome night.

Relatedly, I am now in possession of a penis gourd. Please plan accordingly.

Landed in Chicago! What, I need clothes here? It was so warm in Philly!

Hello world, I'm Mara.

Petite with fair, porcelain skin and deep blue eyes, I am equally excited to explore over the dinner table as between the sheets. Driven by insatiable curiosity and a penchant for intense experiences, I believe that this job is at its best when it's akin to prayer: I worship with my body, worship with my mind, worship by forming connections that are deep yet flexible. If you're looking for surface-level fun, look elsewhere.

Ok, so what are our thoughts on double posting on Twitter and SWitter? Lazy double dipping or laudable utilitarianism?

Currently having my first cappuccino since quitting caffeine in January, and it's _amazing_. Stoicism works, apparently.

I feel like a lot of clients confuse being a considerate lover with respecting. There are broadly two categories of clients: the ones who like to please and the ones who just want to be pleased. One is as valid as the other. Respect is not about who is 'unselfish' in bed. It's about being mindful of my boundaries and booking process.

"You do not win by struggling to the top of a caste system, you win by refusing to be trapped within one at all." -Naomi Wolf

About to arrive in Philly! I can never get enough of NYC, but I'm really looking forward to seeing my Philly friends.

RT Tour duo dates w/
DC: 6/6-6/9
Charlotte: 6/11-6/14
Raleigh: 6/14-6/17
Chicago: 7/8-7/13
Atlanta: 7/16-7/18
Harrisburg: 7/19-7/21
DC: 7/23-7/25
NYC: 7/25-7/27
SF: 7/28-8/1

Hello! I'm Sophia Skye. I'm a companion and software engineer based in SF and travel over the globe. I have a naturally cheerful predisposition, and believe authenticity. I'm very empathetic (some say to a fault) and enjoy forming deep, genuine connections. I'm highly sensual and performed in porn for a while, before discovering that I valued authenticity over performance.

There's gonna be a lot of new people joining us soon! If you see someone having trouble with listings or how to use Switter, please help them out! Point them to

Please boost/share!

SESTA/FOSTA is now law. I respond with donations. I respond with adjustments to how I manage my online content. And I respond with this image, which is now a danger to my Twitter account. Thank you, SWitter, and fuck you, FOSTA.

(1) Switter is awesome and I'm grateful.

(2) "Toot"ing definitely sounds like farting, right? Like, I don't really want to toot all over you guys. I try to take Gas-x when I'm at risk of that.

So thankful for this newfound internet community. Keep kicking ass, sex workers!


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