@dogwalker I notice this happens occasionally on the Web client (but they'll still show up in Tootdon or another app client). Try Ctrl+F5 to refresh browser or go to switter.at/web/notifications and see if that works (sometimes it will for me -- if not, notify the admins b/c they might need to fix the web interface)

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hey @switter fans: our new code of conduct is live! (...and guess what? NO REVIEWS, BABY! we did it!) 🙌🏼🎉👍🏼 assemblyfour.com/switter/code_

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@Syryn666 Hey hon just to let you your pic should probably have been marked as Sensitive just so other non-Switter users on Mastodon/Federal don't complain =)

@Bushtrmr I've done tons in personal life. Just not with any clients. [I don't have the time to see many clients, so that's to be expected, really]

@Bushtrmr Hah toilet play is so much fun ^_^ I'd love to pee on a client sometime ;)

@Laurelai wow. That's lame =( sorry to hear that. Kiwifarms scares me

Today is . I just want all my fellow trans* sex workers to know you are valued, your choices are valid, and your expression of gender is beautiful.

@NicoletteBellerose @hollyxhawkes Yes!!! <3 trans girls!!

Also I'm trans so I guess that's self-love too.. and who doesn't enjoy some self-love? ;P

@hollyxhawkes =( its perfectly valid to feel that way. if you need to talk feel free to DM me
(i havent DMd on here though but i think it works the same as mentions/replies, just with different privacy settig) I'm hoping that somehow this will end up getting thrown out in court but maybe that's justs a pipe dream

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It’s super hard to find people here so boost and/or comment if you’re a sex worker so we can find people easier? I follow back all sex workers :)

@hollyxhawkes I know what you mean and it's going to be touch-and-go for a while. Things are really scary. My own situation is really lucky right now, so I can just be super cautious, but I know not everyone has that luxury... I feel for everyone hurting from the current times :'(

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‪“I don’t have money. How else can I serve you?” ‬
‪Leaving me alone would be great. ‬

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Trying to follow as many sw's as I can, please boost this to help others find this post to follow me, ill follow back !❤️

regular clients or clients who sent introductory email, DM for a follow back

Love you all xoxo

@ColoradoBadBoy Depending on your client, if you see three dots, maybe tap that and look for Delete?

@cuddlesbysarah85 Oh wow, that's really cool! More people who have experienced hardship need opportunities to tell their story. Props to you for that.

@cuddlesbysarah85 as someone who has struggled with addiction /alcoholism in the past, I know how isolating it is... Where's this quote from? Just wondering

@ColoradoBadBoy it says you're following 4 ppl now, but in case you're still having trouble... When viewing profiles directly on switter.at (not in the web interface), +follow is at the top. In web interface, if you search a name, there's a button to the right of the profile in the results (+👧) just click it and wait a second. (the app tootdon is similar)

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Well 92 followers now, am I gonna get those last few or do you guys not want to see a full nude?

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