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If you feel the guidelines and community rules are stifling you and are censoring you, then no-one is forcing you to be here - although you ARE trying to force your content on others without their consent.

No-one is preventing you publishing it.
Several of us are asking you to be considerate and tag it appropriately so that other instances and other users can choose to see it or not.

Consent is vital in SW. I see no reason why it should be any different online.

4/ End of rant.

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Some people seem to be determined to get this instance isolated by simply ignoring some common sense suggestions about controlling the publishing of content.

TBH if thats what you want, go somewhere else, Mastodon is not for you.

This platform gives you the chance to operate a shop window while controlling the access others have to your content to protect minors and others and being considerate of other communities.


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Just wanted to remind everyone that the default interface makes filtering out certain toots easy if you don't want to see everything. There's a regular expression filter option. Without getting too into it, just type the word in toots you don't want to see or if there's multiple do: wordone|wordtwo If you know regexes you can do even more.

@dokuclock full regex support? Omg, I'm gonna have a geekgasm over here. 💓

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I really think switter staff should include people and sex workers of color bc a lot of racism will be perpetuated if only white people are in charge of moderation and the allowance of accounts. Be vigilant in reporting racism and other forms of bigotry on here, please. This platform should be safe for non white sex workers too.

TW ED talk, and substance abuse recovery stuff 

@rottenclips I know what you mean. my ED never got TOO crazy but i got really bad into drugs and alcohol and destroyed my life in the process. i was in a bad relationship, unemployable, sleeping on a couch, separated from family and friends, numerous hospital visits, etc. But I finally got sober, started taking charge of where I wanted my life to go, and began transitioning. I am TONS happier now... and getting sober helped with ED stuff too.

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Switter should be treated just like any other network. Messages are not encrypted so please make sure you are not sharing personal details you don't want exposed.

@rottenclips recovery from what? Just wondering bc I used to be actively bulimic years ago 😳

@SunniRaeLV Do you know if there are general guidelines for using Sensitive/NSFW or Content Warning? Like, some people consider bra/panties SFW, others consider that NSFW...

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Hey @switter have you thought about making your name an acronym so that it is less similar to Twitter? maybe something like Sex Worker's Integrated Tooting, Talent Expression, & Rapport?
because this is a platform where sex workers can toot without censorship, show off their talents, and build connections. Just a start, but what do you think?

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Follow people because you like their content, not their follower count.

Follow people because their morals & ethics line up with yours.

Follow people who ENJOY kink, not those that are here for quick $.

Follower count doesn't mean shit.
Being "elite" doesn't mean shit.

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My name is Quin and I have been a and pornographer for 6 years. I'm still learning how to use this site, but looking forward to connecting with others here. :o)

@EveningM I'm trying to figure out how exactly the thread-viewing system works in @mastodon -- if you expand a status, it looks like you can see the thread, but I don't know if it actually tracks which toots are being replied to, or if it just searches for all toots with those usernames in them. Twitter does threading pretty darn well, and I'd hate to lose that, because threading facilitates logical discussions

@Mistress1chloe @switter If you're using an Android phone, InShot will let you import a video and then save with customized quality - you can specify any P size, experiment to get the file size you need. InShot has a new version at with a new name and I haven't used it, but the version I'm using, 1.524.190 is available at still in case the new version doesn't have this functionality anymore. Try that maybe?

@Mistress1chloe It might be 8megs, if @switter didn't change it from the default Mastodon instance settings... see the Ruby source code linked from

@goddessvenus I agree. it feels too much like a bestiality reference... And it just feels weird to say. Not sexy at all.

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