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@EveningM yeah I'm wondering how hard it will be to get setting up on a new platform like this, but maybe due to the nature of the platform, the followers will be higher quality dot-dot-dot true fans, paying customers. in that case, the number is less important.

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@tiredfrog Send a message to someone, and at the bottom of the toot, click the "Globe" icon. You can change it to Direct... that's your private message!

@Bigbootykyia1 Tootdon and Tusky for Android are a couple apps that might work for -- anything that is designed for . Edit your profile at

Hi, my name's Lycha. I'm a fetish porn person and sometimes hardcore porn person. Also occasionally a stripper and /#transdom type person. I'm into , , , NSA hookups, and more. My store is at and I can be found on other, more restrictive social media at


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