Still learning this system - it's been a while since I started a social media up from scratch. Should be interesting

@EveningM yeah I'm wondering how hard it will be to get setting up on a new platform like this, but maybe due to the nature of the platform, the followers will be higher quality dot-dot-dot true fans, paying customers. in that case, the number is less important.

@lychaxo @EveningM yeah, a lot will depend on how many customers embrace the platform. At this point, it feels too early to tell. But I'm looking forward to seeing how things evolve


@EveningM I'm trying to figure out how exactly the thread-viewing system works in @mastodon -- if you expand a status, it looks like you can see the thread, but I don't know if it actually tracks which toots are being replied to, or if it just searches for all toots with those usernames in them. Twitter does threading pretty darn well, and I'd hate to lose that, because threading facilitates logical discussions

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