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Can anyone recommend a good place to find 18+ fanart?

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I just saw birds of prey and absolutely loved it, so throwback to my Black Canary and Harley Quinn cosplays to commemorate this occasion

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Anti-transgender activist Arielle Scarcella might have missed out on appearing at a panel at Mardi Gras, but she's picked up a lot of weird new friends as a result and that's what counts.

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A short list of things Bettina Arndt has said since she received her Order Of Australia.
And itโ€™s even worse than you might have imagined.

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Dear @ScottMorrisonMP@twitter.com
This photo, of the division over the Hannah Clarke comments by Bettina Arndt, succinctly illustrates why you need to remove Pauline Hanson from the Family Law inquiry. She's not fit to sit.

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A motion to strip Bettina Arndt of her OAM moved by Labor was supported by the coalition, the greens, independents and the cross bench-Against; Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts the motion was carried 55-2 @AmyRemeikis@twitter.com @GuardianAus@twitter.com theguardian.com/australia-news

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The baboons were likely being used for freakish medical experiments so good on them for fleeing. twitter.com/australian/status/

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Every journalist in Sydney when they heard about the baboons

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Powerful baboons from a medical research facility are roaming down King St. This is poetry to me twitter.com/australian/status/

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ah yes, the hospital's baboons have escaped. that answers more questions than it raises for sure twitter.com/roshaimurdoch/stat

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The season changed and all my crops died in

I'd appreciate your patience and support during this difficult time.

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โ€œStigma tells sex workers that theyโ€™re not worth anything, and I want my lawsuit to be a wake-up call,โ€ Gililland said. โ€œThis is what I want it to illuminate as if on a neon billboard: be careful who you treat like shit.โ€


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Hi all, Iโ€™m currently recruiting interview participants for my PhD. If you are a woman living in Australia who does NOT identify as heterosexual, Iโ€™d love to talk to you about your experiences with and around HIV. ๐ŸŒˆ

Please share widely!

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You can't please everyone.

(This is a note to myself... but I figure some of you might need to hear it too. I hope it helps.)

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Stand with us on Tuesday for International Sex Worker Rights Day 3 March.

This year weโ€™ll be gathering in the & YOU are invited!

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Have a glass of water, take a breath, step outside or eat a healthy snack. Small moments of self-care make a big impact! ๐ŸŒž

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I really want to get into the Witcher 3 DLC soon! If you've enjoyed all my Witcher cosplays lately maybe consider tossing a coin to your cosplayer? ๐Ÿ˜Š

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