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Ooooft I get mad at people telling women off for โ€˜selling themselvesโ€™ because they post pics on OF. No more than you are โ€˜selling yourselfโ€™ by sitting in a cubicle for 40 hours a week, pressing buttons, and following someone elseโ€™s orders, little man.

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Hey remember that time when Miranda Devine looked like an idiot on Twitter. So good.

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โ—๏ธMALE SEX WORKERS โ—๏ธ

Male peer educator Jesse is at our Brisbane office today & tomorrow 12-5pm.

He can help you with information & support about everything from tax to sexual health, or just have a chat about work.

Call 3835 1111 from anywhere in or drop in!

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Itโ€™s that time again my loves. In December we will be running the third annual SMUT CLUB FILM FESTIVAL, a queer4queer porn festival held over 2 nights, with an exhibition, performance and workshops from peers. If you would like to submit a film or art piece, DM for details.

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So, some good news:

My SMS results were supposed to arrive the same day as @JezButt91@twitter.com's but didn't arrive because one digit of my phone number was incorrect ๐Ÿ™„


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I don't really follow Jake Flores but I know he has some "interesting" takes. Whatever.

Revenge porn is a sick, cruel act of harrassment that takes advantage of a whole host of awful types of bigotry - and this is about as good as a response as one can have for being targeted. twitter.com/feraljokes/status/

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This IS still an incredibly cruel and sadistic thing to do, but luckily i donโ€™t care. When i was a teenager my sexuality drove me to be suicidal, but now I am an adult who is secure and self respecting, and I have much better reasons to want to kill myself, like the economy

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Lebanon is in a crisis and thousands of people are homeless due to a horrific explosion, the country is also battling against covid-19, famine and an economic crisis. please help by checking this out helplebanon.carrd.co/

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'Welcome Traveler...'

๐Ÿ—ก๏ธ50% off new subs
๐Ÿ—ก๏ธWeekly photo sets, themed shoots & selfies
๐Ÿ—ก๏ธB/G, solo video content
๐Ÿ—ก๏ธLive streams weekly
๐Ÿ—ก๏ธChat with me via DM

@CamAngelsXXX@twitter.com @WomenFan1@twitter.com @PornPromoAsia@twitter.com @WomenOfMFC@twitter.com @xdespiadado1@twitter.com @xhottestchicks@twitter.com

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Being sex positive doesnโ€™t mean you have to attend X-Files-themed BDSM play parties.

Being sex positive means living authentically according to your own sexual values, and respecting the differing values of others (which may include attending X-Files-themed BDSM play parties).

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Today Iโ€™m introducing our Bill to protect sex workers from discrimination by amending the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act.

This is long overdue. Everyday sex workers face stigma and are refused services or denied housing solely for their chosen occupation.

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...these people known porn stars are like, real people, right? They're not fucking Marvel - they're not paying a team of 20 underpaid interns to hand paint out stubble and flaps. twitter.com/nourmajdiwajdi/sta

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โค๏ธ Hotline for Trans Sex Workers โค๏ธ
for info/peer support/ referrals etc

Each Wednesday 12-4pm Elle (our trans sex worker peer educator) is available to take calls on 0419 977 773.

* Call our general numbers outside of these hours*

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Next get together is 18 & 19 August
For sex workers 25 & under
6pm start

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Porn: performers shave and moisturize the day before a shoot.

Instagram: you will literally never see a vagina like this in all recorded human history twitter.com/nourmajdiwajdi/sta

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No electricity in many parts of tonight. Doctors and nurses using cell phone flashlights to save lives.


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Please take a minute or two to pray for our brothers & sisters at Beirut, Lebanon. There has been a massive explosion & the blast leave dozens dead & thousands injured.

Our prayers & thoughts are with them.

๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ”—: twitter.com/greenaugustus44/st

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