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Strong independent woman that can buy her own DIY supplies 💪🏻

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Watching Youtubers getting their knickers in a twist as if people haven't been going after sponsors IRL for years.

Any controversy. It always happens. This isn't new. And it's bizarre how worked up huge channels making good money already are getting over it.

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Men, take an extra 2 seconds and think about how this is a problem behaviour in your gender. Don’t dehumanise them for shitty behaviour - think about how you will get among this and help men heal so they don’t treat anyone like this.

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I’m seeing a lot of men saying how bad this is (which it is), but calling it trolls, internet dickheads etc non-specifically.

I need you to be clear that it’s Men that primarily treat creators like this - ESPECIALLY when that creator is a woman. twitter.com/Kotaku/status/1265

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Many people blame social media for the mental health issues of millennials when in actual fact it was *this* fucking movie. twitter.com/Charalanahzard/sta

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I try and keep this feed a little more 'safe' but @JezButt91@twitter.com has been taking my photos & I'm really proud of him.

Also we literally shot this under our house, using one ring light & my lightsabers to go all 'Dark Phoenix' & I'm very proud of how resourceful we've been lately.

Just listened to a new episode of @AmerHysteria@twitter.com on 'Men's Rights' and it was a pretty good overview of the 'movement.'

It's not an easy listen though, so please go in prepared. It touches on Incel culture and misogyny, but it does so very well.

Today, with no fuss whatsoever I got my ADHD medication.

It has been a really great day as a result.

I did a thing, followed by another thing, then another thing.

I also drank a lot of water, which is good because I am a thirsty bitch in more ways than one.

'I see a bad moon a-rising
I see trouble on the way...'


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I am over the moon to share with you all that my (future) wife @Veloci_trap_tor@twitter.com, is a cocktail book author! Buy a copy of these themed drink recipes today. Proceeds go to the @TheSideQuestBar@twitter.com staff who lost income due to


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Zero time for privileged cam girls shaming survival sex workers. We don't all have free choices. Get to fuck.

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Thankyou so much to all of these wonderful workers who shared their luxurious lockdown lewks and best bin-day boogies to support the @scarletalliance@twitter.com Emergency Support Fund for Sex Workers in Australia!

Please consider donating and sharing:


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Happy Geek Pride Day, naughty nerds! 🤓 We're so glad to have found such a wonderful community here to share our love of pop culture with and to help us fight the stigma of adult products! 💚 geekysextoys.com/

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I've posted about this before, but I'm never going to stop until the whole world knows about SEX WEASELS in Renaissance art. (A thread)

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