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Some morning smoke around this morning, blowing in from a fire on Fraser Island. Wet day forecast for Brisbane and ๐Ÿ† today with ๐ŸŒง๏ธ showers around, and the chance of a late thunderstorm โ›ˆ๏ธ. Radar: ow.ly/2hT950C1imi

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Love waking up suddenly smelling smoke ๐Ÿคจ

Looks like I'm not the only one. Hitting a few suburbs in Brisbane, but no idea what it's from.


It's true.

@Roleplay_James@twitter.com & I are remarkably cool & attractive.

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This man has no understanding of sex positions or how the human brain works. twitter.com/petrafoxbne/status

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Like, it's not happening any time soon but @JezButt91@twitter.com and I are in agreement that any pregnancy announcement will be done using THAT John Hurt scene from Alien.

I'm sure it's been done before but we're nothing if not consistent with our branding.

I had to turn it off.

It's literally just...what the fuck.

So letting Covid kill thousands of Americans wasn't enough, they're now going to make it even even more difficult for even more people to access health care so they can let preventable conditions kill 20 million more of them.

Wow. What leadership.

They've amped up their missile program because they know you won't do jack shit about it Donald.

People now & into the future are more at risk because of your lack of actions now.

You're not a politician or representative of any calibre Donald.

Who are you?

I'm Joe Biden's simultaneously exasperated, bemused & appalled expression.

America is simultaneously terrifying & a joke on the world stage because of the sheer embarrassment & chaos that is it's current leadership.

Everytime Trump lies - drink a whole White Claw.

(Don't actually do this)

Guessing releasing those tax returns 'soon' doesn't mean 'before the election.'

Also every time Trump spins shit about how he's well because of 'really good doctors.'

Most of the country that you're leading can't access adequate or affordable health care, but yeah go off mate.

Russia wants you to win because you're a joke & have made their job a lot easier.

And let's be clear, for everyone who gets salty about people from other countries having an opinion on US politics:

Actions in the US have the potential to impact the whole world. That's besides those of us who have friends & family in the states.

Sorry, how many times has Trump declared bankruptcy?

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