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oh nothing, i just want to hear about how your day went and make you cum

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Censorship Monkey says:

"30% off onlyfans.com/theluciebee ๐ŸŽ‰"

The video that goes with this photo is making it's way online this evening ๐Ÿ™Š

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when that orgasm hits with the strength of a tactical nuke XD

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@theluciebee@twitter.com ...like a strap on. Just not sure about the logistics and ease of use. Would be very challenging given the incredibly wide range of physical variance and I feel there's a lot of potential for injury with both correct and incorrect use. But yeah, not as crazy as it first appears.

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@theluciebee@twitter.com Haha I've had this sent to me a few times. I'm actually really interested in the concept and it's potential to open new options for the range of people with balls to whom penetrative penis sex isn't always an option because it still offers sensation unless something...

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Google "Balldo."

Watch the first video on the official website.

I make no apologies.

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Iโ€™m just a psychologist, standing in front of Twitter and the entire news media, BEGGING YOU not to use the term โ€œmentally unwellโ€ when you really mean โ€œbad person.โ€

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And in a move that surprised no-one, the premiere of feels incredibly mean spirited.

There's nothing wrong with a twist, but this just seems cruel.

Just uploaded a short & sneaky clip from earlier today - blew off some steam w/@CameronHartAus ;)

On my OF: onlyfans.com/theluciebee

Currently only $3 cause I'm very enthusiastic about people seeing me naked on the internet.

New Years โœ…
@JezButt91@twitter.com & my anniversary โœ…
10 years as an out SW โœ…
At an event w/ @dapperth0t@twitter.com & @DonnaMaeTrichs@twitter.com โœ…

Tonight is for celebration.

Until Jan 4 you can subscribe to my OF for only $3 and watch me take full advantage of just about everything in my toy & costume box.

2021 is all about making good use of what I have at home... - so I'd best invite some friends over as well.


Drank my coffee & watched this new video from @Loeybug@twitter.com on the old 'Blair Witch' website.

If you love ARGs/Viral/Chaotic Fiction - check it out!


....nom nom nom

More of this set making it's way on to OF - as well as whatever other misbehavior I get up to today...

Still only $3 - offer ends in 5 days ;)

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Random people outside the industry should not have a say in this, good lord.

Sex workers are the only people who should be deciding this. twitter.com/lailamickelwait/st

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Dayle (the dog) is currently upset at me because I won't allow her to furiously lick her butthole on our bed.

No YOU take sneaky nudes when you're out running errands...!

Uncensored version up on OF.

๐Ÿ’Currently $3 for 30 days ๐Ÿ’

๐Ÿ‘ Cheeky ๐Ÿ‘

My OF is still only $3 for the next 6 days - and they're usually the first to know when I'm up ;)

(And what I did or didn't sleep in the night before)


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