I just updated my tours on my @tryst profile! Catch me in Adelaide and Melbourne soon. Check it out: tryst.link/escort/lola-hunt/to

@e and I getting ready for the @AssemblyFour and Scarlet Alliance security workshop

Sorry I've been MIA Switter! The team has been super busy working on a new project :D :D

Just a reminder - Switter has a really awesome block button which can be used if you no longer want to engage with someone.

We thank you for reporting the bad eggs but please ensure that when you are reporting someone they are actually breaking Switter's rules. <3 You can find Switter's rules here: assemblyfour.com/switter/code_

Elle Thorn and I are available for doubles until early next months. You probably should book us 😏❤️

17 courses, 45 minutes. Do you accept this challenge.

Shoutout those who put through FOSTA/SESTA - here's a big bag of dicks love from all of us at Switter :bagofdicks: We've just hit 70,000 members

Melbourne come play!! Elle is headed to Hong Kong for the next week, so come keep me company whilst she's gone :D

24 hours notice needed!

Location: Melbourne
Contact: lolahunt@protonmail.com or 0404864006

I highly recommend sw's not to use Whatsapp despite it's marketed encryption. Whatsapp and Insta are owned by and share data with Facebook. You cannot opt out of this atm. An alternative is Signal. Guess who was added to an Arabic group chat on WA and then got these ads on Insta.

I AM SO BEHIND! With so many things!!! If I haven't gotten back to your emails or texts, I'm on it, just give me a little time.

Oh hey boys! I'll be in Melbourne (likely sweating over Switter) from now until late May.

Book in! My bathroom is finally finished (free new bathroom feels)

Contact: 0404864006 (if you call, the autoresponders will be set on you. Text only please 💕) or lolahunt@protonmail.com


We're going to be live on RRR in a few hours talking about Switter, SESTA/FOSTA and whatever else comes up. :D

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