Hey guys! @luluvalentine and I are attempting to get more attention brought to censorship around SESTA/FOSTA with civilians. It would be so very very appreciated if you could go over to Twitter and retweet our tweets. We're attempting to get big anti-censorship players like snowden to support us

@lolahunt @luluvalentine It would be awesome if we could get Snowden, and maybe even some outside interest groups(Amnesty Intl., ACLU, FSC) to support us. It would require some work on our part but did you know it is possible to crowdfund a political lobbying campaign? Your listing feature is awesome, btw!

done, and feedback related to gender 

done (but I'm just a 'nobody' on twitter)

feedback for the 'hey guys'.
The tech scene is full of white guys. Within the fediverse (where also many 'tech guys' hang out) many try to establish gender exclusive/neutral language, as believed it's reproducing opressive behaviours.

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