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“But as an escort it’s our duty to hold their attention and play with their heads. The one between their ears and the one in their pants.”

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“...this was why men fall in love with strippers and escorts:

It's not the licentiousness, the dissembling or the craven willingness to do whatever men want.

It is the way out of the blue an escort will surprise a man with the psychic ability to know what is needed to be done.”

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The chief prerequisite for an escort is to have a flexible conscience and an inflexible politeness.
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11 Things You Can Give That Don't Cost Money

1. Give A Smile
2. Give Out Good Thoughts
3. Give A Kind Word
5. Give Appreciation
6. Give Encouragement
7. Give Honor
8. Give Happiness
9. Give Of Your Time
10. Give Hope
11. Give Prayer


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