Dang, just popped into Costco and they have Christmas trees and related decorations out already😂😂😂


Are you spending time with the right people for your health and

While many of us focus primarily on diet and exercise to achieve better health, science suggests that our well-being also is influenced by the company we keep. Researchers have found that certain health behaviors appear to be contagious and that our social networks — in person and online — can influence obesity, anxiety and overall happiness.

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So you’ve been wronged. A friend casually dismissed a goal you set for yourself, or a colleague threw you under the bus, and you feel hurt and angry — maybe you even want payback. Sometimes those negative feelings dissipate over time, but other times they fester and become toxic.

Hint: Living well is the best revenge

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there are a number of names I knew from Houston/Texas ECCIE that I ran into on here. Folks who intrigued me but who I never crossed paths with, for whatever reason. Switter really let me know what I was missing out on in some ways.

Saw someone ask if $100 was reasonable for an hour on the East Coast and my immediate first thought was "for what? Dinner?"

Ladies! don't forget to check the blacklist reports! even if they have a good p411 profile and good references! i was recently ripped off by a fella with good p411 and good references. i didn't check blacklist until afterwards- he has 18 reports! man o man, am i a chump or what? lesson learned!

Available today until midnight 🖤

Austin, TX
Contact: 5129437352 youramystone@gmail.com

Hey, since the Code of Conduct changed, I'm not going to be boosting stuff that uses the acronyms we're not supposed to use, and I'm not going to be mentioning my specific services.

I really love Switter, and I don't want to get in trouble.

Just don't want y'all to think I have any less love for you!

Hey Switterverse!

Here is the new Code of Conduct. In short:

- No reviews
- No affiliate links
- No posting on behalf of any other party without consent.
- No explicit language or acronyms to refer to specific sexual services within listings


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