To those who mention me in toots: I acknowledge you by favoriting if I think it's warranted. I typically don't boost my own toots.

If I don't mean less that I don't appreciate you, I just don't like to toot my own horn, so to speak (somehow fitting to Switter/Mastodon😆)

Perhaps I should boost pinned toots.

Feel like I should interact w/ ya more but I feel like I should only do so when I've $, which I don't have much spare these days

Much ❤️😘😍🤗🙏 to real - stay safe & healthy!

Today I got in a head on collision. I don’t have health insurance and went to hospital but the accident was not my fault. I am now jobless and carless. I will take any donation for any photos or videos at this time.

Cashapp $mnb421



Free today for facetimes/skypes or to make personal videos!

1 squirt video for $40 ;)
Cashapp $mnb421 and I’ll send it your way 😘

💦Need to make 8k by end of August, therefore I’m open to many things/arrangements or even smaller donations for pics/videos. I’m gonna make more time for outcalls and video chats. If interested in any special ideas email me!


Send me $35 now on Cashapp for a sexy suprise! 😏 $mnb421

I just updated my tours on my profile! Catch me in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver soon. To pre-book, visit

I just updated my tours on my profile! Catch me in Ottawa soon. To pre-book, visit

At the end of this month I’m losing my part time gig on Wednesday since covid rules are changing. Therefore, I will be available Wednesdays for outcalls and video chats. I will be particular with whom I meet.

Email me for information 📧

Happy Monday,

Selling nasty pics and videos for cheap. Email me 🥰

Happy Valentines!
Sending sexy stuff for $40
Cash app $mnb421
Once received send me and email and a surprise is on your way ❣️


Realllly need $40. First one to me it will receive a naughty video and pictures


Please help me out, I’ll make sure it’s worth it ;)
Once sent email me so I know who to send naughty stuff to!

Man some heaux really don’t like me. It’s funny bc you’ve never met me and don’t know what my life consists of yet you know how I am as a person off a post in a forum? It’s not my fault or problem you take stuff the wrong way. I know I’m not for everyone but stop obsessing over me.. I don’t have time.. Talking about I don’t care about other providers when I remove fake reviews and do honest screening.. Tf? Yet you follow me on here like a fan? Y’all don’t now 🥴

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