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The local timeline renders promo accts useless. All of switter's users are connected through the local timeline. This crowns it as the ultimate promo account because it provides equal exposure to the entire switter community. Which allows for super easy discovery of different performers. Gone are the days where your follower list could provide unique exposure.

Which isn't to say promo accts should leave. Just... maybe not participate as a promo?

So many sex workers seem disinterested in joining Switter...What are they going to do if and when Twitter takes away our platforms???

Twitter has many verified sex workers (mostly pro porn stars). I'm hoping that they'll do something within their means to get around SESTA/FOSTA for us.

In the mean time, PLEASE promote Switter on your Twitter. We need to move as many fans and sex workers to this platform as humanly possible.

Just a reminder that not every sex worker on this platform is an escort! Please look at our profiles before you attempt to seek services from those that don't provide them. Thank you!

*waits for the first guy to join the platform and tweet pictures of his weird dick to every sex worker*

SESTA/FOSTA is censorship. It isn't about "helping end sex trafficking." It's about silencing and controlling the sex industry! They're trying to strip us of our rights one by one!

Hey all! I made a Tweet about Switter in hopes of getting others to join it. Please go and retweet it!!!! Let's try and grow this place!!

Lol @ people in the local timeline looking to date. This isn't a dating platform. We're here to promote our work. If we didn't wanna date you or fuck you on Twitter, we especially don't want to do it on Switter.

I hate getting use to something new but it's what needs to be done.



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